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These so-called flexisexuals say that although they are not gay or even bisexual, they enjoy flirting and kissing girls -- but they still enjoy having sex with men. One female senior at Hofstra University in New York said she is apt to turn to women when she's had too much to drink. The student, who declined to give her name for fear a Women seeking casual sex Ajo Arizona employer might Google her sexual escapades, is one of many young women who are more flexible in their attitudes about sex.

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Interviewer: You like guys, but you think you might also like girls.

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Although the terms sex and gender are sometimes used interchangeably and do in fact complement each other, they nonetheless refer to different aspects of what it means to be a woman or man in any society. Sex refers to the anatomical and other biological differences between females and males that are determined at the moment of conception and develop in the womb and throughout childhood and adolescence.

Studies say women are more fluid in their sexuality

Females, of course, have two X chromosomes, while males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. From this basic genetic difference spring other biological differences. The genitalia are called primary sex characteristicswhile the other differences that develop during puberty are called secondary sex characteristics and stem from hormonal differences between the two sexes. Girls develop breasts and wider hips and Lady looking hot sex IL Colfax 61728 menstruating as nature prepares them for possible pregnancy and childbirth.

If sex is a biological concept, then gender is a social concept. It refers to the social and cultural differences a society ass to people based on their biological sex. How we think and behave as females and males is not etched in stone by our biology but rather is a result of how society expects us to think and behave based on what sex we are. As we grow up, we learn these expectations as we develop our gender identityor our beliefs about ourselves as females or males. These expectations are called femininity and masculinity.

Sexual orientation

Femininity refers to the cultural expectations we have of girls and women, while masculinity refers to the expectations we have of boys and men. A familiar nursery rhyme nicely summarizes these two sets of traits:. What are little boys made of? Snips and snails. And puppy dog tails. What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice. And everything nice. As this nursery rhyme suggests, our traditional notions of femininity and masculinity indicate that we think females and males are fundamentally different from each other.

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In effect, we think of them as two sides of the same coin of being human. What we traditionally mean by femininity is captured in the adjectives, both positive and negative, we traditionally ascribe to women: gentle, sensitive, nurturing, delicate, graceful, cooperative, decorative, dependent, emotional, passive, and weak.

Thus when we say that a girl or woman is very feminine, we have some combination of these traits, usually the positive ones, in mind: Indian female jogger along the embarcadero is soft, dainty, pretty, even a bit flighty.

What we traditionally mean by masculinity is captured in the adjectives, again both positive and negative, our society traditionally ascribes to men: strong, assertive, brave, active, independent, intelligent, competitive, insensitive, unemotional, and aggressive.

When we say that a boy or man is very masculine, we have some combination of these traits in mind: he is tough, strong, and assertive.

Infant girls traditionally wear pink, while infant boys wear blue. This color difference reflects the different cultural expectations we have for babies based on their biological sex. For example, women cry more often than men do. Men are more physically violent than women.


Women take care of children more than men do. Women smile more often than men. Men curse more often than women. When women Where the females that like it pussy Flint Michigan with each other, they are more likely to talk about their personal lives than men are when they talk with each other Tannen, The two sexes even differ when they hold a cigarette not that anyone should smoke.

When a woman holds a cigarette, she usually has the palm of her cigarette-holding hand facing upward. When a man holds a cigarette, he usually has his palm facing downward. Transgendered individuals include transvestites those who dress in the clothing of the opposite sex and transsexuals those whose gender identity differs from the physiological sex and who sometimes undergo a sex change. It is difficult to know precisely how many people are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.

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One problem is conceptual. For example, what does it mean to be gay or lesbian? Does one need to actually have sexual relations with a same-sex partner to be considered gay?

What if someone is attracted to same-sex partners but does not actually engage Rochester cock4 blk pussy sex with such persons? What if someone identifies as heterosexual but engages in homosexual sex for money as in certain forms of prostitution or for power and influence as in much prison sex?

These conceptual problems make it difficult to determine the extent of homosexuality. A second problem is empirical. Even if we can settle on a definition of homosexuality, how do we then determine how many people fit this definition? For better or worse, our best evidence of the of gays and lesbians in the United States comes from surveys of national samples of Americans in which they are asked various questions about their sexuality.

Although these are anonymous surveys, obviously at least some individuals may be reluctant to disclose their sexual activity and thoughts to an interviewer. Still, scholars think the estimates from these surveys are fairly accurate but that they probably underestimate by at least a small amount the of gays and lesbians. A widely Naked girls in Tacoma county survey carried out by researchers at the University of Chicago found that 2. In the General Social Survey, 2.

Among individuals having had any sexual partners since turning 18, 2. Table Source: Data from Laumann, E. The social organization of sexuality.

Some scholars attribute it to unknown biological factor s over which individuals have no control, just as individuals do not decide whether they are Housewives want hot sex Bowleys Quarters or right-handed. Supporting this view, many gays say they realized they were gay during adolescence, just as straights would say they realized they were straight during their own adolescence.

Other scholars say that sexual orientation is at least partly influenced by cultural norms, so that individuals are more likely to identify as gay or straight depending on the cultural views of sexual orientation into which they are socialized as they grow up.

At best, perhaps all we can say is that sexual orientation stems from a complex mix of biological and cultural factors that remain to be determined. What s for differences in female and male behavior and attitudes? Do the biological differences between the sexes for other differences? Or do these latter differences stem, as most sociologists think, from cultural expectations and from differences in the ways in which the sexes are socialized? These are critical questions, for they ask whether the differences between boys and girls and women and men stem more from biology or from society.

If we think behavioral and other differences between the Hot housewives want casual sex Chesapeake are due primarily to their respective biological makeups, we are saying that these differences are inevitable or nearly so and that any attempt to change them goes against biology and will likely fail.

As an example, consider the obvious biological fact that women bear and nurse children and men do not. Many people think this means women are therefore much better suited than men to take care of children once they are born, and that the family might be harmed if mothers work outside the home or if fathers are the primary caretakers. Figure Conversely, men may not even think about wanting to Milfs in wolfforth. girsl want sex at home and may themselves face difficulties from employees, family, and friends if they want to do so.

A belief in a strong biological basis Women want real sex Boyds differences between women and men implies, then, that there is little we can or should do to change these differences.

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This implication makes it essential to understand the extent to which gender differences do, in fact, stem from biological differences between the sexes or, instead, stem from cultural and social influences. If biology is paramount, then gender differences are perhaps inevitable and the status Nampa single ladies will remain. If culture and social influences matter much more than biology, then gender differences can change and Wives want nsa Kingmont status quo may give way.

Several biological explanations for gender roles exist, and we discuss two of the most important ones here. In prehistoric societies, few social roles existed. A major role centered on relieving hunger by hunting or gathering food. The other major role centered on bearing and nursing children. Because only women could perform this role, they were also the Lonely lady looking nsa Greensburg caretakers for children for several years after birth.

And because women were frequently pregnant, their roles as mothers confined them to the home for most of their adulthood. Meanwhile, men were better suited than women for hunting because they were stronger and quicker than women.

In prehistoric societies, then, biology was indeed destiny: for biological reasons, men in effect worked outside the home huntedwhile women stayed at home with their children. Evolutionary reasons also Any decent ladies 25 35 why men are more violent than women.


If the human race evolved along these lines, sociobiologists and evolutionary psychologists continue, natural selection favored those societies where men were stronger, braver, and more aggressive and where women were more fertile and nurturing. Men became, by nature, more assertive, daring, and violent than women, and women are, by nature, more gentle, nurturing, and maternal than men. This in turn implies that existing gender inequality must continue because it is rooted in biology.

Critics challenge the evolutionary explanation on several grounds Hurley, ; Buller, ; Begley, First, much greater gender variation in behavior and attitudes existed in prehistoric times than the evolutionary explanation assumes. Third, human environments throughout the millennia have simply been too diverse to permit the simple, straightforward biological development that the evolutionary explanation assumes. Fourth, Today hot women in 83624 arguments implicitly justify existing gender inequality by implying the need to confine women and men to their traditional roles.