Toy Blast

Toy Blast

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-01-06
  • Current Version: 5940
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 320.33 MB
  • Developer: Peak Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 527 277


It’s Toy Blast time! The ultimate matching puzzle game played by millions of users every day! Match the cubes of the same color and combine boosters for huge explosions to blast your way through thousands of levels! Fun is at the tip of your fingers, with the most fascinating puzzles you will ever solve! There are countless possibilities, and your talent in solving puzzles will be key in mastering Toy Blast. Experience the greatest adventures through infinite episodes in the most colorful lands of the Toy World. FEATURES ● Unique and simple gameplay - just tap the matching cubes ● +1500 puzzles, easy and fun to play but challenging to master ● Fun events every day: Star Tournament, Crown Rush, Level-Up Challenge ● Star Chest - open and win amazing rewards as you progress through levels ● Legends Arena, where you can compete with the best players ● Daily prizes from the spin wheel ● Dozens of adorable characters and toys to keep you company on your adventure ● Numerous boosters and powerful combos to help you solve puzzles ● Leaderboards to compete with your friends and players all over the world



  • I’m starting to get annoyed.

    By qwdrgvnju?geavionbg
    I used to love Toon Blast and Toy Blast but I’m on the verge of deleting both apps! I’ve recently noticed that a lot of my points and explosions are being calculated correctly. If this continues, I will trash all of my Peak Games games. I play these games too much to be cheated. Shaking my head.
  • Game is not fun anymore

    By luvnlifein303
    Thanks for taking the fun out of the game.
  • Rigged to get you to spend money

    By Codger796533
    It’s fun for awhile, but towards the end of a level, it’s rigged against you. Some levels are designed to be impossible without you spending money. After awhile that gets old, and you’ll end up deleting it in disgust.
  • The treasure chests

    By srj1066
    I’ve been playing toy blast for a couple of years and I love the game but the treasure chests are just awful. It takes forever to try to get to one but just as you are like one away it resets and back to square one. It’s frustrating and irritating.
  • Not fun anymore

    By Dr. Theo
    Bring back unlimited lives or make levels less challenging. It’s not fun to be stuck on same level for multiple days.
  • Very good game

    By Παιδακι
    A lot of happy hours playing. But I feel like the torpedo toy is cheating.
  • Expensive

    By Micki1958
    This game is all about making its creator lots and lots of money. Once you hit a certain level it becomes nearly impossible to proceed with buying the extra helps to finish a level. I ended up deleting it because I have better things to do with my money and my life.
  • I used to love this and actually spent a fair amount of $

    By EinAZ
    I used to play all the time, and when you could get the unlimited lives for 2, 4, or 24 hours, probably dropped about 10-15 bucks on the regular to get past those tricky levels. But they took that option away, I presume to make more money, but I wonder how that’s working, because now I won’t spend any money. Because there is no incentive to keep moving without the unlimited lives. I used to regularly be a top 3 player. Now I’m stuck on a single level for days at a time. About to delete the app.
  • It’s gone downhill

    By Houstonghe
    You used to get unlimited lives for 2, 4 and 24 hrs. Now you only get treasure chests (seldom) and have to wait ridiculous amounts of time to reload loves. Fun completely sucked out of game. Moving on Toy Blast bye
  • 🤬🤬😡😡😤😤🤬🤬

    By Beatifullib B
    This game use to be a good time passer. Now it seems you can’t get fat without paying for additional lines and objects to assist. I had 20 extra live. Use them all and still can’t get pass a level. Frustrating. It was much better when the 2, 4, or 24 hour options were gifted.
  • Toon blast is better

    By littlered82
    I started out really liking playing this game but as you get higher in the levels and it gets harder to progress, their sister game (same production company) Toon blast is much better.
  • Why.

    By popsnmimikoh
    It is a lot of fun. It was really fun when you had the 24 hours of free life. But it isn’t there anymore. I really wish the 24 hours of free life was still available. Now it takes a long time to go through the levels, really long if you don’t buy any of the tools. It was my favourite game but now I don’t think so. Mimi
  • Toy Blast

    By Kjk503
    Super fun game
  • Uninstall

    By Mhe mhe
    Disappointed..i've been playing this game long time and now doesn't let me to update it..
  • Dissapointed

    By RBwildmustang
    I have been playing this game for a long time now and enjoyed it, but now, not as much. You took away the chance to get or earn extended time to play beyond just five plays. Also, only getting ten games at a time to play. Please give us back the chance of extended time to play a game(s).
  • Refund

    By Marjorie2012
    I can’t figure out where the free hrs went. It used to allow free 2, 4 and 24hrs of free use. Now it’s just disappeared. Please put back some of the free hrs
  • Original version

    By tonyamarieee
    I love this game but can we seriously get the original version back. The 2, 4, and 24 hour unlimited lives the levels already there without having to update every week
  • Stuck

    By faithyyveee
    Got to level 2200 but, now it says to update the app for more levels? There is no new download or anything. I see people on level 2250? Annoying.
  • Love the game

    By Myloveey
    I play this game everyday but recently I dislike the new updates! It took away the time chest which gives you either 2,4, or 24 hours of free playtime and replaced it with another chest where you only get a few coins
  • Money extortion

    By Fuq'u
    ZERO STARS!!!!!! Was a cool game at times, but I’d definitely stay clear of it now! Woke up to an email from apple trying to charge me $17+ after me trying to do the free update that I do every time a new update comes out. This is the second time this app has tried to make me pay to update through my iTunes! I DO NOT AND I REPEAT, I DO NOT BUY ANYTHING AT ALL from apps because of this exact situation. Been playing for years but now y’all wanna charge money to update is pure extortion!
  • Awesome game

    By 48Dion
    I’ve been playing this game for some time and I must say that I absolutely love it. This games helps me when I need to clear my head from the day to day stressors and or worries. I’m on level 2200 and I’ve yet to purchase anything.
  • Love it

    By hiswifeforeverhoe
    This game is so addictive i started stop played again now im on top 😍
  • Everyday I’m challenged!

    By WhollyCaptivated
    I have never bought anything and I’m on 2201! It’s all about problem solving and luck!
  • I love this game! However,

    By Gray Gray51122k
    I love this game but it can go down on what to get especially on level 9 but for the most part I love this game five stars 💖👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😄
  • Good game

    By burn2wo
    Good game
  • Missing the 2-4-24

    By ole226
    I’ve been hooked on this game for quite some time now and even have my wife playing as well.I enjoy the game but I’m to the level that I don’t get the extra hours of free play. I cannot say anything bad about the game and the reason I’m rating a 4/5 is the loss of the extra hours of free play.
  • Patti

    By pbensn
    I do like this game! The one glitch is when a stage is finished and won, occasionally, some earned tools or gadgets remain. I feel, in fairness, these should be credited to the player. Anyone who plays this game quickly realizes how valuable these tools are because when you run out - it can be a difficult run to gain a lead and move up to next level without buying more. It seems only fair play.
  • Over it.

    By Jen in Georgia
    Over it. I’ve played for almost 3 years. No more unlimited lives. Levels are too difficult now. I like the arena with unlimited lives. I wish you the best toy blast. We had a good run.
  • Cool

    By rish ali
    Sometimes am the best player in country level... 😋🥰👍🏼 really so nice levels
  • Hello

    By Mr.Festive
    I think I used to play this game but that was a long time ago
  • Toy Blast

    By Dudder33
    Love this game
  • Time passer;

    By Newsome Jones
    When I tell you an addicting game download&zest for yourself*
  • You blast

    By 1947lpn
    No ads
  • Hi

    By l❤️t-Swift
    Best game ever!!!!!!👏🏽👏🏽😃❤️
  • Game

    By Nabil Abdallah
    This game the dumbest stupidest game ever because I been playing for past two years and I’m on level 2200 so annoying should end by now so freaking annoying
  • game not wanted

    By sterlwool
    i did not ask or download this game but it appeared and can’t get rid of it. does anyone know how????
  • So hard it’s boring

    By Curlyseahorse
    We used to love this game but now each level is so hard to beat it gets so repetitive and boring. We all love a little challenge but when it takes 50 times to pass one level it’s ridiculous! Moving on to other games
  • All about toy blast

    By rohlrm
    Toy blast is awesome and fun for kids and adults so you should definitely play toy blast
  • Toon blast

    By golfman 3
    Love it
  • TOY BLAST game

    By pishueh
    I love it , love it, love it!!!! It’s very challenging !! I am a housewife n hve to do housework! But still I am sometimes glued to it!!! Just am glued to it😜 i hve bkm a Couch potato ! Hehe! 😂😂😂😂u must hve noticed I play a level for even a week but I am adament I must go to the nxt level! Tnx a lot for whoever invented this game! Tnx to TOY BLAST♥️
  • Developers got greedy...

    By musik lova
    Initially this game was a lot of fun, challenging but rewards kept me playing and I even spent some money. Well that changed when their greed and stinginess dramatically curtailed rewards. I’ll play but won’t spend another penny. I couldn’t care less how long it takes to move up the levels.
  • Best boom

    By Jessica lepe
    I’m glad you made this game whoever made it was the best who made it because I love the game very much
  • No longer fun

    By Neesie23
    Use to be fun. They use to give you hours or free play, where did it go? So upsetting I have to find a new game
  • Fui

    By 031580aO
  • Good

    By ❤❤ساهر الليل❤❤
    Very good 🌹😘❤️
  • Great game but....

    By KashWife
    I love this app it’s a great stress relief however I wish we get more coins when I get to a chest.
  • Toon blast

    By tangled#0
  • Tired of this game

    By LynnleeH
    After you get through the first hundred levels the game is impossible to beat. I have spent weeks on a level that I can not pass. There used to be a gift box where you could earn more hours of play but they took that away. This game is about getting you to spend money. Don’t waste your time.
  • Deleted it

    By Rrbshin
    I’m so tired of these pay to win games.