Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-09-21
  • Current Version: 2.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 228.18 MB
  • Developer: FunPlus
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 494


Get ready for the next stage of warfare with the free strategy MMO Guns of Glory! GoG’s thrilling multiplayer RTS and RPG gameplay lets you raise your own powerful army to shoot down enemies and team up with friends from around the globe. In Guns of Glory, you take the lead as a rising Lord in a Kingdom thrown into war! To become supreme ruler and seize the Crown of Destiny from the devious Cardinal, you’ll ally with the famous Three Musketeers, slay ferocious beasts, build your own magnificent Castle, engineer an unstoppable Airship, rally with friends to destroy enemies, and more! FEATURES: Strategy Warfare! Train an army of loyal Musketeers, manage your resources, construct devious traps and raid your enemies into oblivion, all in order to claim the crown and turn your Alliance into an unbeatable empire! Powerful Airships! In an era of emerging progress and science, shoot down enemies and lead the attack with deadly advanced aircraft for a new level of RTS warfare. How will you customize your own flying warship? World War! Seamless chat translation features make GoG’s multiplayer RTS and RPG gameplay richer than ever before – making friends from anywhere in the world has never been so simple. Immersive MMO World! Guns of Glory brings the world of the Three Musketeers to life like you’ve never seen it before! Gorgeously rendered HD graphics and vivid, beautiful landscapes make all the action in this free strategy MMO spring to life! Advanced RTS Combat! Set your own strategy to attack enemies and aid allies! Guns of Glory’s strategy MMO gameplay with RPG elements lets you customize your Airship, Estate, troops, equipment and more. Develop a game strategy to fit your own style in GoG and claim victory! Empire Building! Build up a glorious fortified Estate, master a range of devastating skills and arm yourself with indestructible weapons to ensure your survival and success in this world of multiplayer strategy war! SUPPORT Are you having problems? Privacy Policy: Facebook fanpage: Terms of Service: The price of the monthly subscription is $29.99, and lasts for 30 days. After purchasing, players will get exclusive privileges in game. Please note: 1. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase 2. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period 3. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal 4. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase PLEASE NOTE: Guns of Glory is completely free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is also required. Will you be able to claim Glory?



  • Misleading

    By EyeLikeIT
    The advertisements online are very misleading and are not indicative of the gameplay.
  • Very unbalanced play

    By Ntman80241
    If you want to spend a lot of money to waste your time, play this game. Play is very unbalanced and to compete at all, it’s a lot of money! you will be ganged up on by high level players and your only protection is give this Asian company a bunch of your money! way more fun games out there that actually give you a chance to have fun! My last and final week was me being attacked by people 8 - 12 levels higher and me spending all my time repairing the damage, not fun at all!
  • Hey

    By MCLx1st
    Good game but can u please stop stealing ads from steam games thx
  • Cha Ching Cha Ching

    By FQ Obama
    Money hungry game. Be ready to spent a lot to compete. Unless you like to farm but much bigger and stronger players will take everything you farmed so still need to spend $$$ just for shields, then you’ll need $$$ to heal or retrain your lost troops lol. Either way farmer or fighter be ready to spend $$$$ or die.
  • Still playing

    By karimobeid
    If you pay money to be better than others so it’s not a game
  • Complete waste of time and money

    By FLASH661
    Title says it all.
  • Really

    By Hornet jock
    Can't even play this,keeps dropping,unreal,but bye
  • Ads are a lie...

    By Bored & Annoyed #3165
    I saw ads for this game that you as the player get to strategically set up a battlefield and defend your castle against enemies who are stronger than you.... none of this exists in the real game. You have no say in battles, it’s just up to the number of troops. If you’re not looking to spend a bunch of money, get used to having others come attack you and take all of your supplies at the least convenient times. If you are willing to spend a bunch of real money, then you can probably enjoy a fantasy world where you can make believe that you’re an important and powerful person and try to bully others into submission. It reminds me a lot of having a job and having to put up with middle managers’ inflated ego, except I enjoy my job more and the benefits from this game don’t exist in real life....
  • Not real

    By 04natural
    The ad they showed online is nothing like the real game it’s self
  • Don’t get this.

    By 1002B
    Right, you’d think that it was somewhat like the clickbait ads they showed? Nope. Either way, the ads are bad as they kinda abruptly end.. either way. This game is a copy of literally the same type of style “Final Fantasy XV” is using. It’s been used for years, and all the “developers” do is copy and paste the files, change the textures, and bam. They call it a new game. Don’t support them, so that they can stop this junk from going on the AppStore
  • Poor support

    By chucksalazar
    I try to take my account which is stolen but support its not enough. I sent many message but still there is no answer. So just one star.
  • Rogersraiders made me like the game

    By Gunmuse
    This game does have a free path to greatness all items can be earned. I use website rogers raiders all one word and jumped my creation 20 levels for free just didn’t understand how things worked together now growth is visible the game makers how too really are not even present
  • Fake Marketing

    By shivahim
    The ad which get me install this game shows something else. Game is a boring setup. Uninstalling

    By detroitsjen
  • Downward spiral of money and attitude

    By adjkibb
    I’ve played this game for 3 months and spent about $100 on purchases. First this game is geared toward causing you to necessitate spending loads of money on gear and speed up. For example, I spent a total of $15 on scholar gems and opulence gear because it take weeks and millions of pieces of iron, wood, food and silver to move up from around castle 18. It would take someone constant attention and months to get there otherwise over castle 20. The new Sun King equipment takes 100 fragments and 1800 rare item chests not to mention thousands of other items to create. How does someone go from a castle 22 to 30 in a week? Well they spends hundreds and thousands using real cash while poor folks spend weeks to make one piece of armor. Also what totally cant stand is the attitude, bullying and general nastiness of this game. Moderators are players too and they can just be as bad. If you enjoy drama, staying on a game all day and getting wiped out constantly by folks that are bigger (there are always bigger fish waiting to kill you) and spending loads of REAL money this is the game for you. Good luck if you indulge and say good bye to many other things in your life due to this game taking you away from reality simply because you are trying to heal the 200k troops you lost because your shield went down while you were driving or you slept too long.
  • Thes game is bad don't play it

    By uguicucu
    Its money and money and money none stop baying money
  • What a waste of time.

    By kingdom of disappointment
    I downloaded this game, if hopes of actually getting to battle like the ad shows. I’m about to make a level 10 castle. I have more than 2000 troops now. It appears that if I don’t PAY to play the perks don’t get to be used. What a total waste of time and misleading advertising. Even the pictures in the App Store, don’t match the actual game. Run from this app as fast as you can.
  • Language

    By mehrzad951
    زبان فارسی فعال نیست ولی نوشته شده فعال چرا؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
  • False Advertisement

    By Drunk3nP3ngu1n
    This company uses other people’s in game videos of what this game might be like. They use a completely different game than the one they advertised. So they are plagiarizing other people’s work t try and sell their super boring game. They were already caught with using a total war Footage and trying to pass it off as their own. Don’t waste your time with this game, it a city/guild building game and heavily favors pay to win.
  • This game is really bad

    By Scaggnettii
    The ad said you have army’s to destroy the other one but it made me work on my kingdom!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Fake reviews

    By Hehvcjaiwjsnjvc
    Someone wrote a program to rate this app do not trust these ratings
  • Horrible language

    By Mph621
    With the new pay to talk trash kingdom to kingdom chat profanity is flying around like crazy. Great job idiots!
  • Fun but you have to Pay 2 Play

    By Mr.Oz11
    I have been playing for a few months now and have had to spent a few dollars to help me level up. Now I am at a point that as soon as I get my Army rebuilt, I constantly get attacked by other players. It always happens as soon as I get back from gathering and from multiple players from multiple clans. It is no fun when all you do is spend your time rebuilding your army and traps. The games logic has it set up so I get attacked and have to pay money to upgrade.. So I am done. Back to Star-wars and clash of clans
  • They support Bullying

    By CoolBreeze55
    This game is BS. I’ve tried to play now for almost 3 weeks. In that time I have been part of 5 different alliances due to them being forced to disband because of harassment and bullying. Made great friends only to be forced away due to this. GOG should be ashamed and develop some rules for this. Now at least 10 people are no longer playing this game.
  • Worst game ever

    By Gus the reviewer
    This game is such a lie. First the fake advertisement: it probably steals gameplay from other games and doesn’t credit them, when you see the ads you’re like “Wow this game looks amazing” so you go to the App Store and you purchase and you realize that this the most misleading game ever. And then you look at the reviews and see review bots who lie more than Pinocchio. CONCLUSION: worst game I have ever played, I deleted it in less than 5 minutes. If I could use negative stares I would rate this and -5 stars.
  • Money, money, money

    By meytkyehxjj
    You spend countless hours building your castle, and then, while you are sleeping someone will come along and destroy everything. Worthless!
  • Misleading ads

    By Foofytr1975
    Nothing in the advertisement of this game is actually in the game. Don’t be suckered into downloading the game based on what you see in their video ads.
  • Giant scam

    By Gusnobrain
    I’m so tired of seeing ads displaying gameplay that has nothing to do with the real game. This is a huge scam. I hope the creators get sued and convicted.
  • Worse Game Ever. Avoid.

    By Delete GoG
    I have played several mobile games, FF, GoW, WaO. This game is by far the worst. They cater to spenders and refuse to ban those caught cheating. Players paying for RSS illegally through bots (Sexy k153) are ignored by Developers and honest players quitting. Adding new kingdoms but ignoring the dead and dying ones. Waste of time and money.
  • Free vs pay

    By mutgy
    I play for free which means you play until ultimately the frustration level gets high enough that you leave. Been a diversion but there are sections that are not well thought out. Nice to see a bigender game Advice kept expectations low and be ready to move on. You will never beat the players pumping money in or online 24/7. It is only a game.
  • Spenders Game

    By cheap999
    I play and enjoy some aspects. However only spenders become super powerful and literally can wreck entire alliances. Unrealistic how a strong player can kill 90,000 troops and lose 500, essentially a scratch to them. Weaker players have no chance other than to reinforce strong player or try to hide during war phases.
  • Fake advertising

    By generic nickname673845
    This game is being heavily advertised with a combat system. It doesn’t exist. The game play in the ads does not exist.
  • Pay to win game.

    By Frau889
    A Chinese made game.Fake ads. Non-existing customer support. You need to spend a few hundred bucks to even have a decent character. Update(Nov-14-2018) : after the update today, m you have to spend USD 4k (yes that’s four thousand dollar) to get the top set of armors or wait for 720 days to collect the material needed. And that’s excluding gemstones, Airship parts, guards and so on. Bottom line : This game is a money pit where you have to keep spending to stay competitive. I would have rated it at 0 stars if I could.
  • Bad update

    By Regal12353
    Caution, 2.4 is full of glitches
  • Bad Customer Services

    By J-R-9-4
    I’ve got an issue related to “ Bugs Issues “, they know well in any issue you gotta provide the evidences ,but you’ll be shocked once they ask you to send some pics of that screen shots you took it; you will find the quality is not even mid no no it’s worst thing ever and if you going to ask yourself about Okei? What’s the another option what we call it Plan B ! There’s nothing till you get bored and never ask about it. It counts on bad behavior! Who wanna check up these stfs I’m here ! =} .. this criticism cuz it’s bad and very bad customer services which belongs to the heads of this game not MODs! MODs are helpful guys and rare you find the opposite. Thanks and best regards
  • Reskinned KOA

    By Mogo 136
    This game is King of Avalon with a few different features and different graffics but the same combat system and the need to pay 5k USD to be in the top 20 in your kingdom. There is no “ winning” this game. You cannot eliminate other players if they have the cash to spend on troop healing and building. Every 2-3 months new equipment is introduced that makes the old equipment obsolete and forces players to purchase the new gear or fall behind.
  • Love it

    By ConradMG
    I love this game by far the best game I have played. Seriously. You don’t have to pay to win it just takes time and strategy.
  • Stole money, No Customer Service, Gameplay not as advertised

    By Very angry Itunes Customer78
    I started this game 8 months ago. The constant updates every two weeks and the devalued items that you paid a premium for are free and obtained without money days after purchasing. They have NO customer service. They have taken money for items I never received and charged me for items I never bought. I have written them numerous times and have never received and response. I contacted ITunes and they did very Little to help me. This is a overseas game that apparently does not have to follow any of apples guidelines...if they have any. I’m not sure if I am more upset with GofG or ITunes. I would have to say ITunes for letting them rip customers off and out of their hard earned money. This may be the last straw with anything APPLE supplies or backs.
  • Deceptive

    By JALavender
    The video to get you to get the game shows you shooting guns in first person but it’s not like that.
  • Beat down

    By cowboy 2325
    This is a fun game and I enjoyed it over the 6-8 months I was on. However, I got tired of repeated beatdowns from established players who have probably spent hundreds of dollars. There seems to be no form of ‘protection’ to those of us who are trying to get stronger. It was a constant barrage of high paying players. I understand the concept of these games and willing to spend moderate amount but it just seemed overwhelming how ‘abused’ it makes one feel trying to get established.
  • FRAUD!! Steal your money and won’t respond to customer service

    By 20twentyBC
    fraud: all the gold 100k+ was drained from my account. GoG refuses to respond. Days go by without a response. Not even a “we’ll get back to you” This Game Developer is a joke. GO SHORT THE STOCK.
  • Great!

    By N3GL3CT
    Amazing game! The amazing thing about this game is that if you are lower castle you can beat up higher castles or vice versa! The freedom in this game is what so many people love. Freedom to attack anyone.
  • Fake advertisement trailer

    By Organizm238
    The trailer is a lie. I hate liars.
  • Poor Game

    By MNC(SW)
    If you want a game were you can be attacked by people of any level and continue to be attacked day in and day out. With no hope of winning at all then this game is for you
  • Review

    By a normal person 747
    This is false advertising, plus the game is retarded. It is not a matter of how good you are, it is a matter of how long you have been playing if you want to get good at it.
  • Developer response canned

    By JustBeMe
    Notice the developer response is always the same ...there are legitimate complaints about the game - it’s rigged against you, you only win if you spend huge amount of money in $1000s. Joining an alliance won’t help you. Strategy won’t help you. Only money and lots of it. Spend your $10000 on a car not a meaningless bunch of numbers.
  • Terrible game designed to take your money (-$)

    By Big philsey
    The only way you can have any strategic chance in this game is by plowing money (lots and lots of money) into it. Avoid.
  • Buyer Beware

    By robinweiner
    This is a fun game but don’t play on an apple device. I have been playing for a couple of months and have spent hundreds of dollars to increase my level. Now the game lost my account, even though it was bound through Facebook. I contacted customer support multiple times and they have not responded. They hope you have to start over and spend more money. I won’t!! Also the pricing for add-ons vary by country. US pays more than other locations, resulting in some Alliances with more members in preferred countries becoming more powerful quicker. I liked the comraderie of the Alliances but this game is a Major Rip-off.
  • Very unfair gameplay

    By Bhawk169
    This is the worse designed game. There is NO balance. You can have an alliance of 80 members but 1 person can come in and destroy and zero out every person. Nothing you can do. This happens even if the person is just 1 level higher. You will be forced to join a mega alliance where you have to feed the leaders you resources. Stupid that the creators won’t balance this out. Find a better game.