Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Current Version: 1.37.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 323.67 MB
  • Developer: Firecraft Studios Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 81 783


Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house makeover in this fun match-3 adventure! Download Matchington Mansions for Fun, Exciting Gameplay: Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible boosters & power-up combos! Piece together hidden objects, interact with in-game characters & reveal the hidden story Unlock hidden areas – dozens of rooms & thousands of DIY decorations! Hone your interior design skills and protect your new house from a mischievous cousin. Follow the adventure story, unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets – all with a cast of quirky characters in tow. You can even spy on your neighbors and see how their design choices stack up. Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle? Decorate your mansion and deck out your garden in style. Unlock hidden areas & makeover each room with interesting decor. Puzzle out the adventure story, aided by your friend Tiffany, quirky characters and a house cat or pet dog along for the ride! Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. The MM team sincerely hope that you like our new match-3 puzzle game! We are working very hard to perfecting it, so If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at More ways to learn about the Matchington Mansion jigsaw puzzle game: Facebook: or search @Matchington Mansion to follow us.



  • Hmmm

    By curlyquerattail
    I like the game okay, but it is quite tight fisted with rewards of stars and then requires a bunch of stars to do anything in the “decorating” portion of the game. Also, the ad does not really depict what you do in the game. I want to pour gas on a fire in VR! LOL
  • Matching mansion

    By Dream1745
    The advertisement lied! The game has nothing to do with it. That was the only reason I downloaded it
  • Just a regular color match game

    By hogredleg
    It doesn’t play like it advertises. It’s just a regular color match game just like all the rest.
  • Tedious basically Candy Crush

    By LooseTeaForMe
    I have been playing Matchington Mansion for about a month. It is tedious and unimaginable. This game does not offer variety as the “what will you fix” that is advertised.
  • The levels were difficult

    By Leah3xq
    It was tedious to try and get 1 Star to do anything. Why isn’t there anything like in the ads??? That would be a lot more fun instead of the same puzzles. I will be deleting!
  • Lying add is not what add displays

    By Totally cool lol
    This add is completely garbage and fake. Do not get this game.
  • Fake ad

    By punkinpom
    I downloaded it thinking it was what as the ad depicted. Deleted it when I realized it wasn’t even close.
  • Doesn’t take smarts, just money

    By neversit88
    I liked this game. I loved at first, but I do think that one should be able t win by using logic. That’s not the case at all. Spent way to much on this app, but you do seem to get “lucky” after spending $10.00 in a day. Well at first. Now, that I have spent money on this game, I guess the “app master” just thinks I’ll keep spending. Nope. Silly of me to waste money. I have played enough levels to know that even if you make every right move, you won’t win. Why? So they hook and you pay. I understand just like any other company, they need to make money, but I have ran into to too many occasions where I just had one pillow, bear, or mouse ( sound silly even saying this) and I spent the 500 coins and while it looked more than achievable, ( that is why I chose to use coins) , it’s not. And then the sad kitty pops up prompting you to spend 600 coins so I figure I won’t lose now. Yup sure did and while waiting in car pool line for my kids (45 minute wait in line) I get into the game and spend the money. I am going back to bringing my books to read. I do like that after many levels I was able to get a dog. Being stuck with the cat I named, Iratherbeadog(yes one word), was annoying and did not like that playing with it was a task.
  • The advertisement of “fixing” the mansion hasn’t appeared yet...

    By Laurasviolin
    And I’m over level 600... I’ve spent a lot on extra coins but I’m growing tired of having to clear levels of color matching to do silly things for the “mansion.” By the way, in this mansion there is ONE bathroom and it is accessed through the master bedroom. Weird. I thought that there were things to fix by figuring out what fixed what, but that’s not the game AT ALL. Or, if it is, I haven’t hit that yet. Did you see I’ve hit over 600 levels? This is the definition of a money pit.
  • Not Happy

    By nothappywiththisgame2025
    Decided to stop playing after level 92. If it takes me at least 3 tries to win a level, it’s too boring.
  • Terrible game

    By dgshahueid
    Waste of time
  • Bummer, really disappointed

    By BummerGame!!
    The cost to reward ratio is horribly unfair. It’s extremely difficult to actually complete rooms without spending a ton of money. I really like the game, but it’s just not fun when you have to spend hundreds of dollars to play it.
  • Lying in advertising!

    By Jstowit
    I agree 100% with the review from “mac”. False advertising!!!!! I deleted it, after never once seeing any tools or vacuum, etc that I could use to fix the mansion.
  • False advertisement

    By meowmeowdakitty
    I got this game because it said the goal was to match items to fix things! Not match stupid colored shapes. The advertisements do not represent the game.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By SueSueSueSueSueSue
    It gets much too difficult much too quickly. And the ad it shows as options to fix the house never pop up. Instead you have to choose from a decorator and follow the prompts. Not fun at all!
  • Not fun after a few levels

    By ms f and mr p
    This looked like a fun relaxing game. After the first few levels it becomes nearly impossible to win items and task. I have played one level for well over a week. If you want to spend quite a bit of real money to get extra moves , we’ll this is the game for you. 👎
  • False advertisement

    By spddark
    I downloaded this game because the advertisement looked like fun. It showed nothing about doing puzzles. The advertisement showed matching the tools to what’s broken in the room. Disappointment. Really wished the game was like the advertisement, think lots of people feel like me.
  • Good game

    By Leej is
    It's good game real fun easy time killer
  • Fake advertisement

    By Seiken Rodriguez
    When I saw the ad I thought the game would be exactly what the ad showed, not a puzzle game, especially when the the game is called Matchington
  • Absolutely deceitful!

    By Skfjndslar
    It is nothing like the ads. The ads say nothing about a block matching game in the game. The levels are hard and it is absolutely terrible. It would be better if it was like the ads and instead of only giving 1 star per level competed it gives up to 3 depending on how well you did in the level.
  • Mixed feelings

    By TerryV81
    First of all, what is advertised in the videos that this game is has nothing to do with what this game is. You do not pick tools to try and fix things. You all play matching games to earn stars in order to let some character on the screen who is weirdly living in your house do the work for you. All of the fixes are prescribed. That whole advertisement of The bathtub making the hot guy dirty and then trying to use a hammer to fix the water and all the water explodes is all false. None of that happens. Also, get rid of the stupid cat. Once I realized that this game had nothing to do with the video, I still thought it was fun and kept it. I am only in the third room and I am really close to deleting it because every other activity has to do with the stupid cat and not fixing the house. There is plenty to do in the house without having to get a cat bad and get the cat out of the armor and find a ball of yarn for the cat and etc. etc. etc. As the levels go up, the games get harder so it is not worth playing to get the cat a stupid ball of yarn in order to have to play two more times to actually do something to fix the house. Advertise with the game is really and get rid of the stupid cat.
  • the levels are very difficult and the rewards are very miserable

    By DonnaJou
    the levels are very difficult and the rewards are very miserable. it's not worth downloading this game 👎🏻
  • Garbage

    By Panthermonkey
    This game is not as advertised, and a HUGE unenjoyable waste of time.
  • Fraudulent, misleading

    By Eboe11
    This is a game that was made for the developer to purely make money from. Their ads show up on several games I’ve downloaded and the ads portray a different game. This is a candy crush type of a game not what the ads show!! I’ve yet to see any level like what you see in the ad. It should be illegal for the developer to publish misleading ads. The levels are extremely difficult to pass without using help. Once you’re out of helps they want your money!! Do NOT Download! Other reviewers let’s get this misleading game and ads banned from the AppStore until it reflects what is shown in the ad!! I would NOT recommend this game to anyone! Zero stars!
  • Fun but overthought in execution

    By sweetpeamusic
    Like many others, I downloaded this because of an ad for the game that looked totally different from how the game actually is. I do enjoy the game a lot so I don’t care about that as much as I probably should... this game is really fun and pretty addictive. My main problem in this game is the steep learning curve and slow storyline. I’m pretty sure most of us who play this game are in it for the story and to complete the mansion, not for the matching portion, as fun as it is. If we really liked the matching that much we would be playing Bejeweled or Candy Crush. A lot of us get frustrated because the storyline is slower than we’d like it to be in order to keep us playing levels, but then the levels get too difficult (because we’re casual gamers who like the story and are not super good at gaming in general) to clear and we get stuck. Overall great game, they could definitely cater to the player demographic better though.
  • It’s pretty fun

    By Ave🤙
    I mean it’s not bad it’s just sometimes I wanna play more than 5 times in a row and there’s a lot to do in one room
  • Deceiving

    By suavecita
    First of all, the ad you see pop up in other games says you are given items to repair and if you choose the wrong item you fail. This is not what the game is. I even thought I downloaded the wrong game. Unless you have to go through all the pain of decorating before you get to that part. Unfortunately the levels are difficult to achieve. I think Im in level 47 or so. The thing is I spend more time doing the puzzles just to get ONE star more than anything else. And everything takes many stars. Found a letter, one star..if you want to read the letter, another star. I’m in the second room and I have done so many puzzles trying to earn stars that I’m bored. The only thing I have managed to do in that room is change the bed and put night stands. Oh yea, I opened a chest too which took 2 stars to find the key and two to open. Too many ch to do for very little enjoyment. I’m going to be deleting this game.
  • Lie

    By crazyluvme
    I actually love this game but the advertising has nothing to do with the game. It’s a match 3 game there isn’t even a mini game with what the advertising shows.
  • Too slow

    By ajaded1
    Fun but too slow
  • Matchington

    By Mama Doughty
    I accidentally downloaded this game, I was going to delete it but found that I can’t stop playing it. As soon as I get more lives, I go on too another level. I’ve only had this game a week and I’m at level 122.. I’m addicted 🤪
  • Nothing like the ads!

    By xcxxxcxcxc
    Totally different game than the ads show.
  • Good......😑😑😑😑😑

    By ManeAndTail
    I wish as the adds that is easier but the game.............. hard sorry but if u read this change the game to match the adds....... PLZ
  • Not as advertised

    By mabur5
    The game has difficult and frustrating levels. It starts out easy, to hook you. But, after two days, I give up. It should be fun, not stressful. I like the concept of the actual game, and I think I would even enjoy the game that is advertised. But I find this frustrating and not worth the time. Thanks anyway!
  • Designed for you to spend money

    By Dysphoric24
    It’s an alright game, but it’s designed for you to spend money. It’s designed to not give you the pieces you need so you’ll spend money to pass levels. I understand that’s the point of these games, but it’s just so frustrating
  • Not like the ad

    By fineassdee23
    Thanks for wasting my time downloading this game only to find out this game is not as advertised. Another bejewel or candy crush type game 🙄
  • My personal comment

    By Oddball34
    I enjoy playing this game very much. But some of these levels are very hard to break. I want to finish this but I spend to many days on one level. I’m about to delete this game cause it’s starting to piss me off. You’ll get no rating from me until improvements are made. I have now decided to delete this game cause I can’t even get passed a level to even get any hearts in the RC races so I say to the creators of the game. Here’s a big FO to yous
  • Not as advertised

    By JMG8
    Same match gem/pillow game as popularized by candy crush. The decorating/repair storyline is extremely limited. Make the game advertised and I’ll try again.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By Mickijay
    After watching several ads about selecting items to fix broken rooms in a mansion, I decided to try it. This game is absolutely nothing like the ads. You spend matching shapes to get coins and stars to redecorate a mansion you inherited. Silly. There may be some that like it, I am not one of them. Bait and switch. If you think you are going to be playing a game like the advertising, think again. Big waste of time and massive false advertising. Stay away!
  • Very Mad

    By Brucio B
    Piss me off, you buy coins and charge 500 and keep raise it after 5 trys. Every 5 try’s the charge increases. Its a rip off
  • Awful game I have played

    By slamxismoxjw
    This game is awful never get lt
  • This game is horrible....

    By RanchyRanchDip
    Seriously!! It’s nothing like the ad I was watching I wanted to release a GHOST..👻
  • Expensive and misleading

    By capucine55
    This is a mean-spirited game! Contrary to what its ads promise (ie, fixing various maintenance problems in a kitchen or bathroom), the premise is totally different. At each level you’re given a small number of moves to capture various items. There are never enough moves, and if you want to buy more, it will cost you a lot- like 500 to 3000+ points PER LEVEL. Then when you win a level, you may be “rewarded” with 20-40 points!! Bottom line - you can sink a huge amount of money into a game that is only mildly interesting.
  • Doesn’t “match” the ads

    By watzinnaname
    I am so disappointed in this game! The ads lead you to believe there are going to be a variety of puzzles to solve, around things like kitchen disasters. Instead it turns out to be just another of those Candy Crush style matching pictures game, with a looong slow path to “furnishing” the mansion. I’m stubborn, so I kept going to level 100, just to see if it ever changed; it didn’t. Bleh! I feel cheated.
  • Nothing like what is presented in the ads

    By SomeoneInLexington
    The levels are too they rely on luck and not skill so the game doesn’t go anywhere because the renovations cost too many stars. There needs to be other ways to earn stars besides the games that you can never beat. No, I do not recommend.
  • Not cool

    By bbbwhfn
    What happens when you end the game!?!!! I hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nothing like the previews

    By JaimeCifrese
    I got sucked into downloading this app watching the matching advertisement. It’s nothing like that. Its another candy crush matching game.
  • TOO SLOW!!!

    By happymet
    This is a nice time killer but moves FAR too slow! The games are fun but the tasks are ridiculous. Win two difficult games to read one silly letter?!?

    By Britt is Disappointed 😡
    I’m past level 400 and now for the 3rd time when I’ve purchased coins I was double charged, but this time it made my phone bill payment bounce. The first 2 times were irritating, but now it has effected an actual utility bill.! And that is absolutely Unacceptable!! Not to mention it’s like everyone else is saying customer service does not call you back or support does not reach out to you and that is wrong! I really hate it because I cannot get into contact with anybody and this was my only source to hopefully have someone read this and give me some guidance on the next step for me to regain the money that was taken from me. Tisk Tisk~ SHAME ON YOU FIRECRAFT STUDIOS
  • False advertisement

    By ugggghhhh!!!!!!! jones
    False advertising with this game it is nothing like advertised in other games it slow it take 1 star for everything you need to do it’s just crazy