Game of Thrones: Conquest™

Game of Thrones: Conquest™

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Current Version: 2.2.234891
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 197.51 MB
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 32 403


Westeros is at war. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm. Live out your fantasy and join the war. Build your house and raise your army as you navigate a dangerous political landscape. Based on the award winning HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest allows players to become a Lord in Westeros and define a strategy for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is here and your enemy’s army will not wait to clash swords. Wage war and join the battle today to capture the Iron Throne! A TRUE GAME OF THRONES EXPERIENCE “In the game of thrones, you win or you die.” - Cersei Lannister -Become a lord of Westeros: Build your great house, create your sigil, and Fight for the Crown -Interact with key characters from the hit HBO series including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister and more. -Capture 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell, Castle Black, Dragonstone, and King’s Landing -Navigate the dangerous political landscape using the innovative Allegiance System to live out the fantasy of claiming The Iron Throne and -winning the Great War THE SEVEN KINGDOMS WILL REMEMBER YOUR NAME “It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on.” - Tywin Lannister -Build your house and claim your territory to rise in political influence -Raise your army and clash against rival lords to capture iconic Seats of Power -Defend your strongholds, as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades -Dominate the map, clash with your enemies, and spread your influence MAKE KINGS RISE AND FALL “Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend.” - Petyr Baelish -Master the innovative social system that allows players to recruit bannermen, fight wars alongside your allies, and live out your fantasy of ruling The Seven Kingdoms -Claim the Iron Throne - In a dynamic political world, choose between deception and loyalty as you shift your allegiances -Reward those loyal to you with titles like Hand of the King and Master of Coin as you build your Small Council -Bestow Seats of Power to your allies granting them special military and economic advantages Only in Game of Thrones: Conquest can you become a lord of Westeros and navigate the dangerous political system as you Fight for the Crown. Interact with key characters and capture iconic locations from the award winning HBO TV series. Dominate your enemies by using an innovative Allegiance System that allows you to recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise to take The Iron Throne. LIVE THE FANTASY - PLAY NOW AND FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! Join the conversation: ™ & © 2017 Home Box Office, Inc. ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17)



  • Buyer beware

    By stimp2133
    This game is great for developing and meeting fantastic people you’d of other wise met socially. As far as the actual game performance issues are a big problem in this game. It’s a very poor support department on product. “ money grab” is how sow categorize this. I’m a business owner and I’d lose all my clients if I treated them like WB does. I read another review that said “ think long and hard before you play this game “ I’d agree with that assessment 100%. If you like to feel like you’re getting ripped off go for it. Very sad I’ve invested so much into this lousy product and not been refunded for my loss correctly. That’s stealing in my book.
  • Pay to Play

    By Flutterstopper
    Don’t download this game unless you want to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get to a point that you can actually play (without being zeroed by players that have already spent the $$). Oh, you also have to like constant glitches because there is at least one thing a day (usually more) that isn’t working. Giving it 2 stars because it was at least fun to start with and hatch a dragon...but you can’t really do that without spending $.
  • Horrible

    By Me dash
    I love these types of strategy/war games. Started with empire war z. Now onto this one. But the glitches and bugs in this game are horrible. I’ve spent a good amount of money and lost have or more the rss/troops I bought because of the game not working properly. I willnt spend another dime on this broken game until it’s completely fixed. Even more their support/csr team doesn’t care in the least bit. Their replies have range from sorry. To sorry but we cannot refund you. Thank god Apple at least is willing to help.
  • Fun, but perpetually beta software

    By slyderz3
    Every single update for a year and a half has introduced some kind of new problem with game play. Some are easily worked around, others make the game unable to login or unplayable. I would expect much more from a game that pretty much forces you to spend a good bit of money to advance. It has a good theme and I’ve had fun and met some good people, but that has been in spite of the game in many ways.
  • Very Good but could use changes

    By BFlackey
    I like the game a lot but there is no PvP like the great games have. Also the game is very reliant on in game purchases which is bad for the common gamer
  • Ok

    By fvb1234
    It’s ok you don’t fight or watch any so kind of boring
  • Lo mejor que eh jugado hasta ahora la verdad me encanta y se los recomiendo muchachos descárguenlo

    By eluniko19870606
    Nice muy nice
  • Not terrible

    By spaz-the-wolf-mutt
    The community is a little hostile, but Overall a good game. Wish I could have picked colors for my whelp, like the ad showed. It’s the reason I came back to this.
  • This game has gotten bad

    By Mason0070
    Very bad game updates messed it up was good before that , buy packs and they take the money and don’t give you the pack and customer service is no help at all
  • Move on and forget...

    By Kjrobertson
    There are in app purchases that can be made for delivery of various items for 7 days. Disappears on the second day and after 4 tickets all I get is BS automated emails directing me to unrelated topics. And now they are selling similar packs when the last packs bugged out. Be cool to get an answer. Otherwise a great game, don’t regret spending money but if you’re expecting support from the devs forget it.
  • Watch you money!

    By Jesus, name already taken
    Its a good game. Takes alot of money to play and stay competitive. If you purchase a $99.99 package and dont receive it dont expect them to reimburse you or to give you what you paid for. It is now going into the 3rd week and still no reply!
  • Glitches, snitches and too many clicks to get clothes.

    By Mystina
    Like the concept. May get pillaged and start again when fixed. Update: Unable to upgrade the Keep food getting stolen fix this game! No clothes. This is bull. Save your time and money till they fix this. I thought this would be a fun game. I hung in there. Worth the $100 packs? There is no merit. Lower powers get higher ranks and friends of them get the SOPs. Totally disappointed after 2 months of play. Very expensive game. I’m done with it.
  • It’s fun simple to say

    By Drew1234521
    I’ve played similar games and it just fun type of game. it’s a game takes patience and a game that if your into you like it. Just got done watching game of thrones tv show and this kinda fun to actually play a game that relates to it. Also I fee the game is really direct to people wanting to conquer the world and this is a game u face between other to get the iron throne. Because of this I do recommend this game and keep playing and u see urself sitting in one of the seats of power.
  • Too many bugs, cost too much to play.

    By torch of light
    These developers created a money pit that locks up, crashes, and make you spend more money than even thought possible.
  • Good game

    By 23dads
    Good game upkeep is crazy through
  • Farewell to gotc

    By Finnegan66
    I played the game for 75 days I actually loved it originally,but the longer I played the more I realized what a spenders game it was and I struggled with the thought of guitting.but anyways the last pvp I decided to use 3 8 hr shields on 8 hr intervals to keep myself safe and have the option to attempt to attack if I chose to,but anyways I logged in a half hour late and was being chewed up by biggies.those that if I even tried to fight back would only kill more of my troops, those that spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month on the game I’m sure.And then it occurred to me after calculating the damage done the recuperating I couldn’t recover in a timely manor without buying another one of their recovery packs(I had already spent 130 dollars on the game in the 75 days I had played)so I decided to call it guits I announced to my allegiance I was guitting went to kingdom chat told them to f o (where all the big spenders chat) and proceeded to open all recourses and spend all gold and told my allegiance to harvest my keep cuz I am deadnburied the game wouldn’t allow that it autoteleported me and shielded me from the very ppl I was trying to give to.this went on a few times opening opportunity for the big spenders to hit me over and over again. I could go on and on but make a long story short you want to survive in this game your checking account better be big.And as many have said new glitches twice daily. My review on the game ...5 out of 5 stars the first 45 days from there it all depends on the size of your pocket book 1 out of 5 stars from me on day 75
  • Prepare to pay all the gold in Westeros

    By Mrs. Sunshine 33
    I love GOT, I wish I could say I loved this game. Over 1 YEAR of playing this game I have regrets. Yes I have had fun in this game but it’s ultimately just not worth it. Endless glitches and bugs. Every update fixes 1 problem and causes 2 more. I wish it worked correctly for more than a week at a time. The people are great. The concept is fun. Forget actually “playing” unless you fork over some big money. Top players in my kingdom have spent over $5,000 in under 1 year to get to that top level. And not one or two people, I am talking about a dozen or so players have admitted to that. Even if you spend a mere $500 you won’t be at a level that can actually compete. Open you wallet, spend some cash in the game, play for a month and you’ll run out of resources that can only be bought with $100+ “packs” or game gold bought with $ to level up (keystones). But then a bigger player will attack you (zero you) and you will have to start all over, spending to get your power and troop count up. For the amount of money spent on this game (hundreds of kingdoms x thousands of players x tens of thousands of dollars) you would think it would run like a fine oiled machine. Nope, bugs bugs bugs. You will submit a bunch of help tickets and they will just respond with “check your WiFi connection” and “make sure you have the latest update” maybe if you are lucky they compensate you with a small amount of game gold, not enough to make any difference in the game. Everyone in the kingdom and other kingdoms (on game discord server) is reporting the same issues. It’s not our WiFi, it’s a broken game. I wish I hadn’t spent a dime on this game. I want to love it, I really do. If it worked correctly for any consistent period of time maybe I could overlook the pay-to-play aspect of the game. The fact it’s P2P makes all the constant glitches and bugs unforgivable. The app may be free, to play the game is expensive and not worth it.
  • Mixed

    By 246goober321
    The concept of the game is decent. Just another strategy game, has alot of issues however. The never-ending and countless glitches make the game difficult to play. The worst part however is that there is no leveling system in place. Everyone in the game is at the mercy of the little rich kids, that can and will out- spend everyone to win. There are no rules in place to prevent a level 30 kingdom from attacking a beginner. Most people quit before they get a chance to really play. So you are forced to pay or you dont stand a chance. Without some type of leveling system, I wouldnt waste my time or money
  • Great game, but glitches and cost can overpower that!

    By ;:::::
    The game in itself is really fun, and can give you the chance to grow and interact with other great players. When I first started to play the game I really enjoyed myself. I started out with a great alliance and there weren’t a lot of glitches. Now I can’t even play the game anymore!! Today I kept trying to get on the game, and after 5-10 seconds (no exaggeration) of being on it the app crashed and took me back to my home screen. I keep trying and trying, but nothing is happening. I’ve invested A LOT of time into this game, and if I can’t get back in it will be all for nothing. It’s extremely frustrating when there is nothing you can do about it, but pray that the next time you open the app, that it won’t crash. Also, even though you don’t have to spend any money on the game, you are playing against players that spend thousands of dollars on the game, so if you’re not going to pay to play, then you are going to have to join a VERY strong alliance to get far in this game. As you grow your keep it gets more and more difficult to accumulate enough resources to expand to the next level without spending A LOT of money on the game. I really enjoy playing this game, but the glitches are extremely frustrating.
  • Lord Crazy Comments

    By Eric D crazyhorse
    I like it but sure wish it was easier to find people that are within your alliance. Over all fun game.
  • Fun

    By Kick sad
    I enjoy playing
  • Game of thrones,

    By madeline gandolfo
    Bellaluna loves the game, took a little while too understand, however ever I love the challenges thank you!!!!❤️🧐😘❤️
  • Incredible

    By NateB850
    Incredible incredible incredible
  • Game Review

    By Kmrkrogers
    Hi my name is Kim I’ve been playing for a couple of months and I love it but need to learn so much more about how it works
  • Great game

    By 10000Hutchys
    I love this game
  • Fun

    By 1992MgHz
    Pretty fun
  • Meh

    By Roxy_9
    It’s ok in the starts (sorta). Then the higher levels attack the lower ones. They said there are no rules so I see it more as the higher levels aiming for the lower levels for recourses and attacking their keep which then takes forever to recover. So if you like waiting days, weeks, a few months, then this is the game for you to stay in one level for so long to heal. You’ll be at it forever. Enjoy and have fun being attacked!
  • Fun game, too many bugs

    By laughing Arya
    This game would be great if the bugs didn’t strangle the game play more often than not.
  • Too frustrating

    By Bobbyv13
    You take the time to build up your forces etc, and then you log in and someone has attacked you while you are away and everyone is dead or wounded. The notices are buggy too so half the time you don’t even know what happened. Waste of time.
  • Worst

    By kraytw
    No skill required - money plays that’s all. My recommendation is save your money and buy something that works. Like a new car.
  • Don’t play this game

    By Random hero1015
    This game is the worst cash grab of pay to win games I’ve ever seen. The whole point of the game is to attack other players and by get other players to attack you. In order to attack or by be attacked you need to spend a ton of money (around $2,000 at the beginning). There is a point in the game that you can not progress anymore without spending a ton of spending on items you can’t get in the game unless you spend. They have weekly and monthly events in the game, but again you can’t participate in the events unless you spend money to buy items to be able to attack creatures. I would not recommend this game to anyone unless you are trying to get rid of a bunch of money before the IRS shows up. This game is literally the worst...
  • This game used to be great.....

    By Audiophile30607
    In the last few months this game has gotten so glitch ridden it is almost impossible to play. That would be ok except for the substantial investment required to effectively play it. I recently had purchases made that didn’t make it to my inventory. Attack warnings don’t happen, battle reports don’t show up, screen icons either don’t show or do show but don’t go away when the move is over. I have contacted WB multiple times and gotten nothing but an automated response. It is a fun game when it works. But, sadly it doesn’t work anymore.
  • So many glitches

    By Tyrs Fist
    Several times I’ve had the issue of my resources just up and vanishing. I can be farming for supplies to build up and then suddenly everything is gone. Five minutes later you’re attacked and all of your troops and gathered resources are gone. There’s no chance to protect yourself five minutes earlier because the game decides that you don’t need ANYTHING you’ve stocked up. Submitting a ticket doesn’t seem to help at all. They just shove in game coins at you, not enough to recoup your losses, and hope you shut up and keep playing. Don’t waste your time on this game.
  • Great idea. But poorly executed.

    By JJohn141
    This game is a great idea and is truly awesome if your into game of thrones. However there is one big problem that wrecks this game entirely. You can spend weeks or months building up your troops and gaining strength just to get get all of your work wiped away in a matter of minutes by an extremely high leveled player. There is nothing stopping people with extremely high levels from attacking low levels. This needs to be fixed. Whether it be a range of power or levels that you can attack based on your stats or just a flat +-3 or so levels. So many new players quit playing this game because of this simple issue. And if you don’t play with a large group then good luck getting anywhere in this game.
  • A very buggy Clash clone...

    By Outlaw8908
    In my time with this game I have noticed a solid base of a game. Overly putting the special offers in front of your face, incentivize the purchases of packs or gold. This does make free to play difficult but not impossible, just don’t expect to be able to do much. I do feel the bugs this game has, such as; alerts and notices not updating or being outright broken, chat functions being a complete mess, chat with lieges or banner men either going in reverse bottom to top... I could go on. I will give credit that the team does try and fix these bugs. I also bring a recommendation, if you want people to buy gold why not make a separate section for it? Plenty of other games on mobile do so. Special offers should get their own section as well, under the same tab perhaps? Also I would tinker the gathering rates for resources, right now it is difficult to bounce back without spending money.
  • Very poor customer service and the game has serious bugs.

    By joe123433
    I have bought a number of packs and half the time it’s to correct their poor program writing.
  • Cash grab

    By ltldnghy
    This game is unplayable if you don’t spend money. It’s also designed to keep you spending money.
  • Game of Thrones Conquest

    By Shushed
    This game, Game of Thrones Conquest, is absolutely not worth the re-download . All the complaints that I have seen are valid and in fact seem to be worse. Even today, I received no notices inside the game app that I was attacked. The developers gave hush money, a minimum of in game currency of 100,000, plus other items to attempt to appease players. Think the petition on the web calling for change has affected their sales and I hope this review helps save another of investing into this game.
  • Awesome game

    By Angryman152
    Great game
  • Greatest

    By Fliker10
    Great game Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?)!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!?? Bvcvvvvvbbbbbbbbnnnnc
  • Awesome game!

    By Jejune undergirding
    Awesome game
  • It restarted my game

    By thslone
    I have been playing this for a while now. Had some money invested into it too. It told me I needed to update. Once I did that it, it started form the beginning.
  • Can't play with people you know irl

    By Ckin michi
    My friend told me about this game so i joined to play with them but we're not on the same kingsom. And you can't change. So nevermind. I'll just uninstall the game. Too bad- she said it was fun.
  • Fun playing

    By Ladyvs
    I like playing games like this
  • Needed improvements

    By kiii77
    I would like to see my battles and be able to send things like shields or gold!!!!
  • Dont leave any wolves behind...

    By eyekandyink.
    Love it.🖤🐺
  • Dragons

    By Kaneali'i kay
    Best game mobile..
  • Always broken

    By angry k127
    This game is always broken and works maybe 25% of the time
  • Cheated

    By ChrisiDormi
    It’d be great if updates were live and real time. Everytime there’s an update, we have to wait hours if not days for it to sync with the actual game. There have been purchases that I’ve made that I haven’t gotten, visual glitches that make troops vanish with no attack reports, and customer service is not helpful at all. Iron Throne is a much better quality game anyway. Update: The game has gotten worse. Customer service is rude and makes no effort to correct issues that are a direct result of the games glitches. They would rather animate the trees and put fish animations in the ocean than actually do anything useful in game. Sad