Game of Thrones: Conquest™

Game of Thrones: Conquest™

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Current Version: 1.12.232388
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 160.62 MB
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 26 901


Westeros is at war. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm. Live out your fantasy and join the war. Build your house and raise your army as you navigate a dangerous political landscape. Based on the award winning HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest allows players to become a Lord in Westeros and define a strategy for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is here and your enemy’s army will not wait to clash swords. Wage war and join the battle today to capture the Iron Throne! A TRUE GAME OF THRONES EXPERIENCE “In the game of thrones, you win or you die.” - Cersei Lannister -Become a lord of Westeros: Build your great house, create your sigil, and Fight for the Crown -Interact with key characters from the hit HBO series including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister and more. -Capture 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell, Castle Black, Dragonstone, and King’s Landing -Navigate the dangerous political landscape using the innovative Allegiance System to live out the fantasy of claiming The Iron Throne and -winning the Great War THE SEVEN KINGDOMS WILL REMEMBER YOUR NAME “It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on.” - Tywin Lannister -Build your house and claim your territory to rise in political influence -Raise your army and clash against rival lords to capture iconic Seats of Power -Defend your strongholds, as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades -Dominate the map, clash with your enemies, and spread your influence MAKE KINGS RISE AND FALL “Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend.” - Petyr Baelish -Master the innovative social system that allows players to recruit bannermen, fight wars alongside your allies, and live out your fantasy of ruling The Seven Kingdoms -Claim the Iron Throne - In a dynamic political world, choose between deception and loyalty as you shift your allegiances -Reward those loyal to you with titles like Hand of the King and Master of Coin as you build your Small Council -Bestow Seats of Power to your allies granting them special military and economic advantages Only in Game of Thrones: Conquest can you become a lord of Westeros and navigate the dangerous political system as you Fight for the Crown. Interact with key characters and capture iconic locations from the award winning HBO TV series. Dominate your enemies by using an innovative Allegiance System that allows you to recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise to take The Iron Throne. LIVE THE FANTASY - PLAY NOW AND FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! Join the conversation: ™ & © 2017 Home Box Office, Inc. ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17)



  • Money, money, more money!

    By GlenA
    Every time you login. The game selling you something! Apple remove this!
  • Not worth the time

    By Dewmuppet
    Not a terrible game concept, but it’s very obviously designed as pay to win. There is no way for new players to protect themselves from more powerful accounts other than with shields, which can only be bought with gold. You only get a trickle of gold from events/daily rewards, so realistically, you’d have to buy gold to prevent being burned down repeatedly and for no reason by players with twenty and thirty times your power. Love the game of thrones idea, but unless you’re willing to invest ALOT of money, don’t bother with this one. It’s an exercise in frustration trying to build up, and having players with 20-40 million burn you down with impunity. Two thumbs down.
  • Fun game!!

    By ZephyShotz
    Very fun game little bit of bugs here and there but if you join a clan and yo start attacking forts it’s really fun!!!
  • Addicting but $$

    By good game for sure
    This game is a ton of fun .... but be prepared to spend at minimum $1,000 or else do not download and play. You will get wiped out and it will be no fun. The amount of resources needed to level once you get to level 25+ are asinine. Whomever make these limits , obviously does not have to pay for them. Lower the cost and more people will play.
  • Update

    By Mchautn
    They updated and merged things together, my kingdom got moved and my own alliance tag got changed :/ everything is so crowded now.
  • Great game! Needs...

    By Zeikonan
    Needs a send resource to players feature. That would be nice!
  • Great Game

    By Appletreegirl
    I know that in app purchasing is how you make your money. It would be much nicer if the rewards for tasks, battles etc. were more gratifying. No one especially young adults can afford to spend 50.00 to 100.00 everyday or everyweek to advance in the game.
  • Fun yet can get costly

    By herbosom
    This started as a way to take my mind from real life issues. Good graphics, usually easy to play. Some glitches. Recently started requiring more $$ to be successful than instead of diplomacy or alliance friends
  • Great game

    By dstaylor116
    I love this game, I heard it was a pay to win game, however, it is very strategic, and definitely possible to hang with the pay to win players, you just need patience and an understanding of EVERY aspect of the game! Well done!!!
  • Glitches

    By 19 disapointed
    There should be more gold given for all the glitches. Should not have to pay for dragon Lore. Put the mounds back to earn dragons lore. I am about ready to quit game is far to expensive. Things don’t become affordable and more places to find gold or gold given for winning events. Alliance achievements to all members . I may have to quit playing all together.
  • Much better

    By Marcus Kerensky
    Was a p2w mess, that was just wallet warriors farming you. Now at least you can earn and save gold now. Social is neat too.
  • The definition of Pay to Play!

    By Suonar
    First off let me say that if your not willing to pay money don’t even bother playing this crap...just when you think you are able to do something in the game you get rocked by higher level players and basically have to use all your resources to heal them. This can be stopped if you use a “shield” but you need gold to do this, and gold costs money. Also to upgrade your keep you need to gather those resources but again once you get enough that is not protected, which is very minimum, you again get attack and lose most of those resources. Forget trying to take the coveted seats of power because you will not be able to get high enough soldiers or equipment to have a fighting chance without gathering those resources, thus paying money. Honestly this app is legit crap just trying to get you to pay so you can even compete. Save yourself the trouble and don’t even download this app, you will not miss much.
  • GOT is not for the light hearted

    By Neophillic
    I think it’s a cool game. Still has a few bugs that need to be worked out but overall, it is pretty good. Get in there and conquer your enemies! It is also very addictive and a complete waste of money!
  • Too glitchy!

    By starkshouse
    I don’t usually write reviews, but the game is so glitchy that I had to write one! The game restarts automatically with no warning! Also, to attack any creature, you have to go to the creature 3-4 times paying the upkeep that many times. The port rewards don’t work! This game is nothing but a business to make money! To play the game, you have to pay small amounts, but have to pay! It’s not a free game as advertised! How can one get 6mil wood without paying either for rss or for shields while you harvest?
  • I’m Done!

    By GOTC MM
    This game is too expensive for moderate spenders. I was spending $50 a month and the gap between the big spenders just increases on a weekly basis. There is very little feeling of comraderie because the game is set up so you can only win attacks on weaker players. Usually free resources are only enough to stay the same size when you get attacked and need to heal. The events are fun but if you have no resources to grow what’s the point. To be competitive you need to spend hundreds of dollars and many people spend $100-$200 a week. I can’t afford it and when I figured out I will never be able to return fire to the people that harmed me I stopped caring about this game. The community is very bitter when they get attacked. Many stop socializing. The clans are divided into spenders and moderate to non-spenders, who get eternally attacked and zeroed. I don’t think there is any happiness in zeroing a much smaller player except for the need of expensive resources or just to be a terrible person. There are plenty of those types that spread hate. I’m done!
  • Disappointed

    By Topsecret101
    The game loads and stops when it says consulting the imp. Then it crashes
  • Some Advice

    By Skylar689
    The game is awesome. I like the concept, I like the idea, I like how the alliances and chats work (with some exceptions), and I like the whole idea in general, however I do think it needs some improvements. 1. Dragonlore is ridiculously hard to obtain. I haven’t gotten any from killing/defeating enemies around me. I only get dragon lore from my daily quest chests. Now that’s FINE, except today all of my chests only had 3 dragon lore each. How am I supposed to level up my dragon if the max amount of dragon lore I can get in a day is close to 9 and my dragon takes it in the tens of thousands? 2. I think the tier one of any allegiance should be able to kick any person off of their allegiance, no matter the tier level. I really enjoy this game, and it would be so much better if some things were just easier to have. I’d also be more willing to spend money if I knew it would get me somewhere. The only reason I’m not now is because I know that someone will take whatever I purchase from me, or it won’t actually help me do what I’m trying to do.
  • Great concept but

    It takes hundreds if not thousands of dollars to play competitively as many items may only be acquired on a timely basis by paying between $50-$100 for supplies. Some of the top players in my kingdom reported they have spent over $10,000 to advance to the level they are at. This is absurd
  • Ready for another kingdom Merge

    By Mabramsrn
    Loved the game until they allowed one alliance to rule. The timed opening and closing of SOP’s has allowed one alliance to rule the kingdom. It has grown stagnant as a result. The kingdoms need to merge again or the SOPs need to reset to allow the opportunity for real battle.
  • Pay to win

    By Camerock33
    This game would be so much fun but unfortunately you must pay to win. I wouldn’t mind paying a few dollars towards this game but I’ve already spent $1000 usd and my keep is only on level 21. The amount of resources I need to upgrade my keep is ridiculous. Just the keep. Not anything else. Not the wall. Not the farm. Not the barracks. Just the keep. ONE of the resources for example is bricks. Well the only way to acquire bricks is from caravans on Monday’s. Well I can only get about 720 bricks on a Monday due to stamina. That’s 7 weeks just to upgrade a keep. Guys it would take me almost a year to upgrade the entire castle from 21 to 22 without spending money. Do you have any idea how many people on this game are already above keep 22. That’s my next problem with this game. Everyone that’s rich in this game has teamed up. It’s impossible to find ways to beat them. You can’t put together any strategy’s to defeat these players because there’s no clear combat formula. I’ve tried to test it out myself but my results are inaccurate because of research/enhancements that effect the percentages. It’s hard to find a clear answer on what can beat what. If the game is not gonna tell you the combat formula then the least it could do is inform you on the losses that’ll occur BEFORE attacking a player/sop/creature. So as I said before, the rich control this game. Just like everything else in this world. And unfortunately this game will never change it. They make millions of dollars off of this game because people are willing to spend. DONT download unless your willing to spend $1,000 to $10,000 usd.
  • Review

    By #Nick21
    This game is sort of waste of time, requires user to spend outrageous amounts of money. You have no rules as you get attacked every day and have no shelter or resources and troops. Don’t recommend this game to anyone that wants to have fun and enjoy a game.
  • Fun, but serious issues

    By Prncssp
    The game is fun and addicting - mostly because of the social aspect. There are glitches galore and people lose tons of time and resources. It is definitely the most expensive war type game that I have ever played. It’s easy to get sucked into buying packs and crying about your bank account later. When a big glitch happens (most common one I see is someone shields and then it disappears before it should) and a person loses everything, they are not usually compensated. A guy on my team spends money and he got a few thousand gold for it (DOESNT MAKE UP FOR LOSSES) and another guy doesn’t spend a dime on the game and he wasn’t given anything. It’s ridiculous. Game Of War is the same exact game and much much much cheaper without the bugs.
  • GOT: conquest

    By madampixie
    Very addicting! I can’t get enough of it!
  • Disappointed

    By Boomer!
    I’m sorry to say if your not willing to put a lot of money into this game, you will be constantly zero’d. There is little you can do about if unless you spend money. I loved the idea of playing a game of thrones based game, but unfortunately this is just another game that requires a lot of cash to compete. :(
  • Great Game, Stupid Resource System, Money Grab

    By A.S. Washington
    For the graphics and gameplay, this is a solid, run of the mill war-strategy-mmo, with a Game of Thrones design and story line slapped on top. From that aspect it’s just as good as Kingdoms of Camelot, Game of War, Age of Empires etc. They’ve also gotten the social aspect down and that’s a plus. Because of the story that George Martin wrote, the game has many areas where it can progress and grow for game Life and player engagement. Where this game is weak, is where it forces players to need to spend real money in order to progress. I’m not complaining, I don’t mind spending as much as $500 a month on a game to stay ahead of most playing and be a feared player in a strong alliance. The problem is that the spending doesn’t equate to being able to upgrade reasonably. There are resources in this game like Keystone, Brick, Soldier Pine, Pale Steel shards that are very difficult to get at a reasonable rate if you don’t spend money. Recently the game makers actually cut how much Keystone you can get in a $100 pack by half from 400 to 200. My next keep upgrade is 552, and in game rewards have only given me 7 keystones in the last 3 days. That’s means I’d need to spend $300 just to go up one keep level. This wouldn’t be so bad if it were just this fact and the events provided enough, but they don’t. You have to spend money to get stamina to continue to participate in events. The problem with stamina is that you are limited to 100. As you upgrade your keep from 1-21 (which is where I am) your max stamina doesn’t increase. Stamina regenerates at 1 stamina every six minutes. This means it takes 1h and 30 minutes to get back to 15 stamina where I need to hit creatures. To get to 100 takes about 6 hours. So the need for stamina increases (I’m hitting lvl 21 creatures which take 20 stamina) so I I want to acquire materials mentioned above I have to spend gold which is what I get from spending real money. Again, if it were just this it would be okay. What also happens is the basic resources like wood, food, iron, and stone don’t provide enough resources over a reasonable time to upgrade buildings that can range anywhere from 6 million to 58 million. But these resources are needed across the castle and it’s easy to run out. Games like this survive when nonspenders and spenders can both progress and in game production should be able to help those who don’t want to or can’t spend to progress. That’s what Supercell got right with Clash of Clans. You can still get there, through time, but here you will never be able to catch up at all. This game isn’t even a year old and they’re talking about merging servers already. People can’t even hoard resources long enough in an abundant amount to foster interactions for looting/farming. So yes I’m a spender. But this game will die if the only way for me to upgrade is to spend money. Players are quitting fast and my server is barely 2 months old. Hope these guys fix it. I would have given this game a 5 if this issue wasn’t the case. I really want to love and play this game, but even for me who doesn’t mind spending $200-$500 bucks on a game doesn’t see the advantage of my spending if I can’t actually complete the upgrades I spent the money for. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I’ve been away from the game over a year and there’s still no change. To progress in this game, you have to spend money. For free to play players, it is nearly impossible to upgrade. It hasn’t changed, so if you don’t want to or can’t invest $1-$20k, don’t even bother unless you just love game of thrones.
  • Great game!

    By lostsinz
    Great game so far. One of the best strategy games I’ve played on mobile.
  • Game of Thrones

    By MotherGriffin
    This game is not as fun as it used to be. WB will not give proper support to players when glitches and game malfunctions occur. The cost to continue to play the game continues to rise, yet customer support is far less than it used to be and WB does not appropriately address player losses and concerns.
  • Meh

    By Johnnys got Bananas
    So I played this game for a little over 2 months. Its completely geared to who can spend the most money. In order to have any “power” in this game you easily need to spend $200-$500. With that said some people spend over $2K. No real room for FTP. However, my negative review is towards the glitches and customer care. I was attacked and lost all my troops when I was suppose to be protected under a peace shield. So I lost the $200 I put into the game for no fault of my own. Now I understand glitches happen but customer care gives me 12K in gold (which is next to nothing and other players routinely get 40k in gold for smaller problems) and says sorry this is all we can do. No word back from them after writing severely times. Guess I didn't spend enough to matter, oh well.
  • Don’t waste your time unless you have $$$ to drop

    By Valkyrie Lady B
    This game was a lot of fun at first. It is catered to big money spenders. Unless you have a lot of money to blow, I wouldn’t even start playing. It’s crappy too because the more you level up, the more expensive the game becomes. Unless you’re dropping money (and I’m not talking about just a few bucks) you will become stagnant in this game. Not worth it.
  • Paid players harass free players

    By josephdk23
    This game started out very nice with very few “wars.” However, the developers have created a very hostile game environment which allows paying players to bully and harass those players who do not. The game also hits a point where you are forced to pay real money in order do anything with your town. This is a terrible use of the Game of Thrones license.
  • This game is disappointing

    By thatrife
    This is nothing like games of thrones and I was really looking forward to this game to be at least similar to the show but nothing alike
  • Worst game ever! Save your time and money!

    By BW101010
    Probably the biggest money grab of all-time when it comes to mobile games. Also one of the glitchiest games I have ever played. I spent countless hours and money on this game only to have it all erased because the game glitched and I was attacked while trying to reload the app. After contacting customer support about the issue, I was offered advice on how to reset my phone and internet connection which had nothing to do with the glitch that occurred. I was compensated 5000 gold from WB which is probably 1/100 of what the glitch actually cost me, a total slap in the face. I will no longer spend a dime playing this game and would advise that you do the same. Save your time and spend your money elsewhere.
  • Expensive and Glitchy

    By MrsWindsor2008
    Success depends exclusively on how much you spend and other players can undo your progress anytime they want in less than 10 minutes.
  • Good game

    By KeeghanP
    Keeps me busy
  • Definitely not fair for new players.

    By Tiffani s
    On top of that, you can’t even delete your world and redo it if it is “bound” to your facebook, which is stupid, so you’re stuck in an endless cycle of getting spam-killed.
  • Awesome game

    By bullshittalksrealmenwalk
    This game 100% awesome
  • GOT

    By angry eightball
    This game never works correctly. Everytime they update it I can’t play for several day...
  • Good! But....

    By kittykids03
    Please consider adding a feature where you are not constantly attacked fifty times in a row. Limit attacks to two on the same keep per day. I lost EVERYTHING over night to childish fools. Other than this it is a really good game
  • Pay to play for sure!

    By Shidaya
    I agree with almost all of the previous posts. It seems free at first, and if you learn all the tricks in time like I did, you can make it to that 23 level that was described as I think $100(?) to get. That was where I said, No! All of these reviews are credible, except the obviously over the top lol the developers should really consider a more LotRO-like model with subscription option and safe zones. PS - The translator is awesome, extra star for that!!! But is that what causes chat lag? ><
  • Good game but glitches

    By ShortArms1
  • Customer Service

    By omq_itsbunbun
    Worst customer service I have ever tried to work with. Multiple tickets open for the same issue and the reps just close the ticket after sending one email. No response to my replies regarding the steps not working and the issue still not being resolved.
  • Pointless

    By ray23430
    Pointless, don’t waste your money
  • So addicting

    By Molleejojo
    I am so addicted to this game it’s ridiculous!!!! My daughter even told me she’s never seen me play a game so long before. I love everything about it the war aspect of it is fun n joining an alliance. I wish we could gift 🎁 things to our alliance members it would help us grow more.
  • GOT

    By Demir Tahtı
    Thank you. İt is awesome game.
  • Fooled

    By Stanly1355?
    Ridiculous event prizes, not worth doing any of events, farming is a joke. Prizes for troops are more than you can gain+farm. The most unbalanced and unplayable game I have ever seen. It’s just nothing to do but buy packs. How is it fun? After 2 weeks there isn’t a SINGLE free to play player left on whole server!! I fact 90% of players quit within 1st month of server release. It will take you a year+ to gather what one sale has. Just so you have an idea of how far behind you will be vs a player with only one purchase. If it wasn’t for the name of this game it would have been dead at day one of its release A game that constantly giving you all you need to start for a week or two. Then everything stops. You can farm tiles for a week to train troops ones or for a month to update a building but most likely you will never get there because you will need to spend it all on healing the troops. So much fun I can’t describe it.
  • Add ons

    By gotkhaly
    We should have the option to create our own avatar (everyone looks the same on the game cause there aren’t many options). & we should have the option to name our dragon :)
  • New update

    By Lleonides
    If you want a game that is only fair to those who spend thousands of real dollars and then goes around killing off everyone else, then this is your game. Filled with all the things that are wrong. Bullies, egomaniacs, and narcissistic folks. Have a great time working hard to just get zeroed off by bullies.
  • Amazing and very addictive

    By alphaluzard
    I love this game even though I know absolutely nothing about Game of Thrones. I am 100% hooked to this game. This game is now making me watch Game of Thrones.
  • Good

    By HowManyLives
    Fun and helps pass time