Design Home

Design Home

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-15
  • Current Version: 1.23.0026
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 207.52 MB
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc launch
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 136 336


Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life. * Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges. * Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. * Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community. * Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook. Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too! PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. This game is not intended for children. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in this game. This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites. - A network connection is required to play. - For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: - If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:



  • Great game/unfair rating system

    By Shelbzz215
    Lived loved this game! Played it every day. Unfortunately I finally got frustrated with it and deleted. The rating system is frustratingly unfair because I know a lot of friends who also play, and it seems that people just click away when it comes time to rate just so they’re able to proceed and enter their room design. Which if the handful of people I know do it, I can only imagine that that’s exactly what everyone else is mainly doing considering how bogus the ratings can get.
  • This game cheats

    By IllianaVee
    Every time I open my daily rewards it never adds the tickets or the money.
  • I love this game.. just a few things they need to add!

    By kin mill
    This design app is finally one done right. I had no idea when I downloaded it I would love it. I was expecting something cheesy and bad features like others like this but this is done right. I would like to add that I really wish they could add in some better centerpieces for the tables and side tables. The loading screens show such cute ones and most of the ones they make in the game aren’t really up to date and what people would actually use in their home, so fake looking-which is weird because all the furniture is real pieces you can buy. I’d like to see more centerpieces that are different in style and stylish for that matter. Like some boho and rustic centerpieces specifically. I think people like this game cause it gives them inspiration, but the only thing lacking is the centerpieces that no one would ever use, except a couple. Also everything is sooo expensive. Prices need to be toned down a bit. Andddd I think there needs to be a message appear before every set of votes reminding people to vote fairly and for the BEST design.

    This game is speechless! I downloaded so many games like this and they were all bad but this one is just outstanding!! I recommend you DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!! 🥰
  • Downs and ups

    By kellypines24901
    The game is lots of fun but I got it because of the add the add is fake and people can’t see the really fun game that’s on the inside all you can see is the fake terrible fake game. Other than the adds the game is amazing to do when your bored.the thing is you have to buy stuff a lot for daily challenges and I lose money quickly but then you get money. If only you could get a reward every time you did a design.(that’s a hint to do that)
  • .

    By fdasscgar
    what the heck my buns are loaded
  • I will never win 5 stars.

    By Leelorena
    First off, I'd like to say I enjoy this game very much, in fact it is my favorite. I am not much of a game player, however. I also seem to be missing inventory, especially in the prize category. So, I do think there should be a 500 additional prize for a 4+, a 1000 for a 5 and a daily of 1000. The biggest pet peeve I have for this game is the judging. It is also the reason I will never win a 5 star. Because I absolutely refuse to put two exactly the same paintings or art work on one wall or even in the same room!! Never would a real decorator do this in real life, it looks lazy and ridiculous. But in this game, the high majority of 'winners' do exactly that. Appox. 7/8ths. No imagination‼️ I believe the biggest challenge is figuring out, choosing what looks the best together, etc. if you continue to reward the laziest designers, I think the others, who really put some thought into this will eventually become discouraged. And then stop making time and spending money on this game.
  • I love this game!

    By FrancyHaro
    This is the only phone game I have played for years and not gotten bored with. You get to be creative and vote on other’s designs too. The rewards are good and it is easy to obtain keys and furniture. The only things I dislike are: 1-that the items can only be used 5 times. I wish that once we bought a piece of furniture it remained in our inventory. 2-that each room has a fixed place where a specific piece of furniture can go. It would be more fun to move furniture around. 3-that there aren’t more options for artwork except the limited time ones. There should be A LOT of artwork for people to choose from (I would even be willing to buy with rl $)
  • I enjoy the game

    By EliiW
    I wish they had houses and team challenges like Covet does. I don’t have much motivation to keep playing the game if it’s just for my own score. I play Covet daily and spend tons of time on the game and since it’s the same developers I hope they see this! Would love to have a design house with group challenges and awesome prizes 👍🏻
  • Fake votes?

    By Trvlgrl28
    Anyone else getting tired of people voting for the ugly design to help their own scores??? The judging is starting to become bogus and no fun cause of lack of respect for the better designers! Waste of money now.
  • Best

    By why buy it this is dumb
    This is one of the best games I have ever played I my life and I am only ten years old
  • Fun but flawed

    By sleepersoles
    I’ve been using this app for about a year. It’s an enjoyable app to use, but if you’re looking for an app who’s designs are rated with a best designs get more stars system this isn’t the one. If you look at their top designs, I would venture that 60-70 percent of them have high contrast black and white geometric themes. Further, designs that really shouldn’t be scoring 5 stars are frequently achieving that rank while real 5-star designs are getting three stars. And when looking at those weaker 5-star designs, they are often a design of a high level contributor. Could it be that the more money you spend buying credits the higher you rank or you get optimal competitor matching to assure you a better ranking? While I have purchased credits every now and then, I didn’t get a 5-star rating until I purchased one of the higher-priced credit packs. I haven’t purchased it since, nor have I received any more 5-star ratings. It’s a fun app, but I’m frustrated enough with the ranking system to start looking for a new fun and fairer design app to use.
  • Can’t keep inventory

    By jackbrownwashere
    If you purchase items, you are only allowed 5x use. The game is fun and addicting until you have no items to use to even complete a daily. You can choose to spend a bunch of your own cash to design a room. This is the design version of Covet. At least Covet allows you to keep your “closet”.
  • Addictive, Fun, and Rigged

    By Mz Beaded Treasures
    I love this game but gave it 3 stars because it’s unfair!! I’ve been playing daily and spending a lot of money to develop designs according to the challenges. The game makes you think you’re voting on other people’s designs but you’re not!! I’ve seen designs exactly like mine get 5’s and ugly ones get 5’s where I scored extremely low. It all boils down to feeding your money to play the game. There are some freebies and even if you don’t get a 5 which pays you 150 diamonds, you’ll definitely win the 4.0 prize every time. If you can don’t spend your hard earned money. Those $1.99s add up and some are unfairly taxed. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and nothing to show for it!! Stupid huh? It’s addictive but I’m quitting and shutting it down after I use everything I’ve purchased!! Just be careful.........
  • Good but a few changes

    By good but a few changes
    I liked it but wished there was not the money problems
  • Needs improvement, can only win with in app purchases

    By Redhusky777
    While this game seems creative and challenging for those that love interior decorating, it falls short at every angle. Its almost impossible to level up without spending actual money on room values, the basis of advancing to the next level; Which is ridiculous considering you need a million dollars in room values to level up. Next, the designs that win "top designs" are mostly hideous, monochromatic and loud, using high-level accessories only attained by purchase not earned through prize driven challenges rewarding creativity. The top winners rarely follow the actual challenge, they just purchase the most expensive furniture to level up. I've been playing for two years and am only on level 14 because I don't purchase inventory with real money or buy all black and white furniture!! My design elements are far more interesting and have actual continuity considering the challenges and limitations yet the monochromatic and terrible neon designs with mismatched gold and silver always get a 5.0! Another bad design of this game is that purchased inventory can only be used five times. I have Christmas trees and Easter eggs that Ill never use, I should be able to at least trade in inventory that is stagnant. Why would something you purchase have limited use? Last, the game glitches and kicks me out almost every time I play and I have to start my design all over from scratch again. In conclusion it's a fun game but fundamentally impossible to move levels without spending actual money because it's not about how great your design is it's about how much money you can spend on your inventory I.e. in-app purchases.
  • Fun but Expensive

    By Redding128
    The game is fun, but they only give you a small amount of diamonds each day, yet artwork, plants, and table decorations can only be purchased with diamonds. For instance, you get 500 diamonds per day and a plant costs 800 diamonds and you only get a few of them so you have to keep buying them. I ended up deleting the game.
  • Videos for gems just won’t load up

    By Fedup7
    For about 3 weeks, you can’t hardly earn gems by watching videos. It takes 5 minutes to get one to pull up. I’ve updated my phone and made sure the app is updated.
  • Filter for the sum of money, from - to sum

    By katdesky
    Filter for the sum of money, from - to price
  • Wth is wrong with the votes?

    By 123abcvx
    The voting system is a joke. I would spend more money if they would fix this aspect of the game. I don’t understand how the tackiest designs deserve a 5-star rating. When you design a room wouldn’t you at least imagine what it would look like in real life? I want to poke my eyes out at the sight of some of these “5-starred” designs, most don’t even follow the brief. Voting aside this is a fun and relaxing game.
  • Needs better search

    By booner9322
    Please add a size and shape search filter.
  • Many designs won’t render

    By callene33
    The app has technical bugs and many designs won’t render. These designs appear blank to voters so don’t receive votes. Reaching out to customer support yields no response. Extremely poor customer service and reliability in this app. The issue has been going on for over two weeks now with no response from customer report other than to say “they are working on it”. Make sure you don’t spend any real money (in app purchase) because designs don’t often work and there is no resolution and no apology from the developers. Seems to be a scam to get users money without providing the purchased product.
  • Pay to win, I changed my mind from giving this game two stars to just one.

    By Mystellastarfire
    When you purchase furnishing you get a number of that item and once you’ve used that number the item is gone and you have to purchase new items. This really got me down, I didn’t realize this fact when I started playing or I may have been more frugal with my designs. But you get more points the more expensive your design is... I can’t keep up with the game, I’m almost out of furnishing and frustrated that I HAVE to keep buying more when you barely make any profit from any design in the first place. I’m gonna start looking for a different game now.
  • Quit this game today!

    By CrystalCafe!
    Yep, sick of the BS, tired of the flaws, broken room graphics, things disappearing after not even one use, duplicate merchandise by different vendors that don’t fill requirements causing multiple purchases of same items, lack of customer service, Yada yada... the list is endless. I can’t afford $100 per month to have fun in a free game. Totally fed up with it all. Good luck for those who continue to play and don’t lose your pocket!

    By Sweet! Oh.. sour!
    I love designing rooms, but everything is so expensive and now I’m broke and can’t buy ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!! It’s so stupid therefore I give it one star. I DONT ADVISE DOWNLOADING THIS APP!!!
  • Amazing Game for True Designers!!

    By Pump pumps
    I love this game for me it is amazing!! But, you have very low money and the costs off things are really high. So I have low money and I have to use stuff I own but it would be nice if I could buy new things once in a while. But that can get fixed if the owners of this game see this review. Over all the game is AMAZING! So you should get this game if you love to design interiors of houses. Hope you love the game as much as I do!!💗💞💝❤️🐶🐶🥳😊😊😜
  • Ripoff!!

    I looved this game at first and played it religiously!! That was until after I learned that all of the items I purchased or won would disappear after 5 uses. It’s a scam!
  • One problem

    By bubble monkey 22
    This is a very fun and entertaining game, yet the problem lies in the game prices. If you would like a specific chair for your design is wants you to pay 1,000 diamonds or design cash for the product.. which isn’t that bad but you are only able to use that specific chair about 5 times before it disappears and you have to rebuy it if you wish to use it again. I really dislike that you have to buy a chair or any other product multiple times because you can’t really have 4 different types of chairs in the design.
  • Fun but greedy with the diamonds

    By Swift260
    Design Home is a very fun game but diamond bonuses are so little. Most of the time when I complete offers through tap joy, I don’t receive diamonds. And items that cost diamonds are so expensive. Either the items prices should be lowered or it should be easier to win diamonds by playing. That would make the gaming experience more pleasant.
  • Hacker

    By keman gamin
    I thought that this would be fun and THIS IS WHAT I SEE wanting to se were I live sham and I clean CR no so I don’t get to play then WONDERFUL don’t get this game but if you want to get hacked go ahead
  • good game but not easy to earn a lot of money

    By obee one kanobee
    when i downloaded this game it gave me money but once you spend it it’s kind of hard to get more and earn money. i LOVE this game but i don’t like how it’s hard to get money to buy the requirements that you need. But i would still download this game.
  • Money Issues

    By 0dd Panda
    I want to do challenges to earn money, but, I don’t have enough money to earn money. Therefore,I’m deleting this game,though, it was fun...while it lasted. I really am disappointed in the creators. If you plan to get this game, this is a warning about what might happen if you aren’t careful(though I was and it still happened). But if the creators read this please do fix this. I really don’t want to waste actual money on an in-game currency ,again, please to fix this and if you want to get the game I advise not to. Have a nice day!❌💵❌
  • Needs work

    By not_anybody
    Its fun, but after you use an item a couple of times in a design you have to re buy it. Everything is supper expensive and its hard to get money. The little money you get cant even buy you a table. I love designing and competing, but its not fun when you can’t buy anything. Most challenges you cant even compete in because you can’t buy required items. This game would be soooo fun if they would lower prices on items, make it easier to get money, or get more money when you actually get money. It would also be 100 times better if they didn’t take items away after used it a few times, because then you could collect your items and save them over time.
  • Horrible glitches even worse customer service

    By JMSH13
    Don’t play this! The glitches get worse and worse while the game charges folks more and more to participate. Customer service is nonexistent. Save yourself the headache and go find a different game.
  • Fun game but a major rip off!

    By DSamento
    I have been playing this game for a while now. I have spent an unbelievable amount of money on it. Sometimes the things I purchase are not available in the design at all. It would be nice to be able to keep what you buy and be able to sell the items given to you back to the game. There needs to be a different rating system as well. If I spend so much money on this game (at this point I’ve spent hundreds) - getting diamonds in return would be nice. When I see my score on a design and look at designs that got higher ratings, some of them are beautifully designed and then some not even fully furnished. I am a designer by trade so I know my designs are well done. When dealing with real money from people there MUST be a better system. This is not just a game at that point. You’re taking people’s money. They have lost a really well paying customer.
  • I Love This App!!!

    By ShiningSilverGacha
    I absolutely love this app. It fits right with my weird obsession with interior design. But I kind of don’t like how you can only do one room and there aren’t kitchens, bathrooms or stuff like that. It would also be super cool if you could and a new category where you could design a whole house. It would be really cool if you could fix that! Other than that, THIS IS A REALLY GREAT APP YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET IT!!!!!! Thank you.
  • Fun Game, Scoring Needs Improvement

    By Dern79
    I love this game and play it daily. The app is easy to use. The furniture is real furniture that you can purchase in real life which makes this game even better. The scoring/voting is the big downer of the game. It’s inconsistent. For example, I’ve designed rooms almost identical to rooms that score 5.0 and I’ve scored a low 4 or high 3. In general, the voting and scoring needs drastic and sweeping improvements. They also could stand to give more daily diamonds. I get the low amount is to encourage in app purchases, but there is still room for more daily diamonds. All in all, I’ll keep playing as I love this game. I hope improvements that many of us who play are asking for will be listened to sooner than later.
  • Interesting, but designers don't follow rules!

    By lcilc
    I'm returning with a February update-Things still haven't changed...the designers and voters are NOT following directions...what don't you understand? Please style the rooms with the required style...I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of seeing the same black and white designs get high scores when they do not follow the rules! Please remove the black and white geometric rugs from the store and then designers will be forced to make alternate choices (I especially hate how so many use the white rug with the black circle pattern)! Voters...quit voting for the same old boring types of rooms that get high scores every single day!!! While the game is great and I look forward to the daily challenges, there seems to be a problem with players following the instructions. The same, tired boring designs constantly get the high scores... Designers: Please QUIT with the constant black & white and aqua with aloe paintings designs-you are often NOT adhering to the requirements for the room! It's not always about what you like-FOLLOW THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ROOM! Please STOP with the boring black & white geometric rugs that always get 5 stars! And voters, please do not vote for the black & white designs and maybe others will begin to be rewarded fairly! I honestly wish the black and white geometric pattern rugs were just removed from inventory because that way, no one could utilize them in a design again-try something new...oh what a novel idea! It also drives me crazy when you see 2 or 3 of the same paintings placed in a room. You wouldn't see that in a real home or design (other than with wall plaques), so why are you doing it here? Use some creativity and be different-Please for the sake of the game! When required, please style the room as you are instructed! If the requirement is coastal, then style it coastal. If rustic, then style rustic, Mediterranean, modern, traditional and so on. And please use some color! Last out, I styled a beautiful MCM room and many others that received a higher score were NOT designing in the MCM style one bit. This skews the ratings and needs to be fixed. I get tired of seeing primarily black & white rooms getting the high scores, especially when they are not adhering whatsoever to the required style. By the same token, voters need to do their part as well. Please base your vote on the designers adhering to the required style and their design as a whole instead of simply voting for what you like-follow the instructions!
  • Super addictive but could use some updates

    By Mommash12
    I love this game and have been playing for about 8 months now. I have spent a good $15-20 a month playing and have won many diamonds via the free offerwall. Some offers are awesome, others I’ve had to submit complaints about in order to get my diamonds. I think the app could be more fun if they take away the super long descriptions for each room—I never read them, only put in the requirements and then put together a room that looks balanced in color that I think looks cool. This has helped me get lots of 5-plus ratings because my rooms always look aesthetically pleasing but don’t necessarily follow the design suggestions. I just quickly noticed that top scoring rooms always are balanced in color and so I play to win rather than creating a room that fits the specified challenge. Other reviewers hate that they followed the challenge descriptions but didn’t win. To each her own! Design bundles are the only things worth purchasing. To get bundles of diamonds I prefer to use the offerwall and buy something useful to get diamonds. I tried out a new home food delivery service for 100K diamonds and that was a win-win. It definitely helps to have more diamonds to increase your chances of winning because you’ll have cuter accessories.
  • Truly incredible

    By luvu2themoonandback
    I just love this game so much! You can do many things on it like voting and such. When my daughter asked to get this game I was uncomfortable with her face being publicized so I got it and realized that you don’t have to put a pic of your face on it. Thank you for a great game!
  • No support for reward failure

    By review 102705
    Game is fun but they partner with Tapjoy for rewards and do not support their customers when rewards are denied even with visual proof (recommend screen shots of all reward completions until awarded). Personally did not find the amount of time trying to prove awards worth it. Recommend not playing unless you want to pay instead of using gaming awards.
  • Great, but why stop there?

    By HoldingOut4Updates
    I would really like to see kitchen and bathroom designs, could we start adding this to the game? I really enjoy playing this game, but as other reviewers have suggested, getting more for your purchase would be great. It seems that the people that do the best spend the most money, which makes this seem more like a cash grab than a game. I don't want to sell my identity to surveys just to enjoy this game to the fullest. That being said, I mainly do the daily challenge and avoid spending diamonds and still do pretty well. I highly recommend this game, it's very relaxing and creative. Thank you!
  • Disappointed and thinking of quitting

    By Avairyn
    This is not a good game if you continue to have problems that you avoid! Why is the video real icon not playing the daily videos? It takes me over an hour to get 15 videos to load so I can collect 300 diamonds! I am really feeling a lot of pressure to spend money but I’m in school so I don’t get a lot of cash to go buy an iTunes card. I have read the occasional review and now I am living the game experience that so many others have been complaining about. Maybe I’ll create a better game and throw you under the bus with your pathetic diamond payout. You are just like my dad, deadbeat, selfish arse holes out for yourselves and to take advantage of anyone as long as it benefits yout wallet. Sad Panda😢
  • Money hungry game

    By VCC123454321
    I love this game so much, it’s so much fun and is so well done but everything about it tries to get you to spend money. It’s hard to make cash, and you only get 500 diamonds a day for signing in. To really carry out your design vision you need cash and diamonds and it’s hard to make enough. So what can you do, use real world money to what you need to get your inventory. But then what happens?? Items I’ve bought using REAL MONEY goes MISSING FROM MY INVENTORY! So ridiculous, if I spend real money to on this game why in the world can I not keep the inventory I’ve bought? This is REAL issue between a lot of players of this game. You buy more diamonds with real money so you can upgrade your inventory, and the game takes it away leading you to pay more again just to buy the SAME items back. And they’re way of making diamonds is ridiculous too. Download another game, start a free trial of this, download a game and get to level 20....I want to play design home, I don’t want to spend to spend time doing other things just to get diamonds to play THIS game. I love design home but it’s a headache to play. I’ll probably just delete it.
  • Fun but can be expensive!

    By Skunk Lily
    I love playing this game. There is a certain satisfaction in putting together a room, struggling to make it fit the expectations of the clients and waiting for your score. But I agree the scoring seems to favor some designs that don’t fit the wants of the client. I have had some unfinished designs that I accidentally submitted rate higher than designs I really worked on. I, also hate buying the popular $4.99 package of diamonds and cash and then have it show up as $5.33 on my credit card. Sometimes I swear I’m getting double charged, so I’ve started documenting every expenditure made. I’ve noticed some of my furniture gets dropped out of my purchases pile to the for sale pile before I’ve use it 5 times. And then my breaks my heart every time my score slips down. I don’t know how long I’ll keep playing but I do know I’m cutting way back on in-app purchasing.
  • 🐐G.O.A.T...BUT...#MustRead👇🏼

    By Amir TjL
    1. Let the users restart the whole account and start the game from beginning...I’ve just made a new Apple ID in order to create a new account !!! *(I’m not satisfied with my current account’s design ratings and overall score + I'm struggling with low cash which prevents me from buying suitable furnitures)* 2. MUST ADD a PRICE FILTER !!! *(from low to high prices)* Whenever i wanna buy sth with a lower price, i must search among the entire category *(although i’ve used other filters but it still takes time to search for the best prices)* 3. Add some ads for winning an amount of cash after watching them !!! *(just like the ads for winning free diamonds)*
  • Another star dropped

    By Farley213
    I’ve been playing now for a little under a year. Was so excited by a game that was right up my alley that it was the first time I spent money on in app purchases. $5 here, $5 there. But I can’t afford to keep doing that as the $5 here and there starts to add up. So I’ve been relying on the incredibly UNreliable Tapjoy program. Look, I have no problem completing an offer or a survey to grab some diamonds (the Design Home currency) but then it became a problem of completing offers and not getting rewarded. Plus, the surveys have been getting more personal and detailed and I’m uncomfortable with that. I was contacting them multiple times a week to get my due. And at first, they’d get right back, give me what was owed, boom done. But now? As of this writing I’m now owed over 30,000 so it’s kind of gotten out of hand. At first the DH customer service was helping and now I’m getting nothing but generic, robotic responses that show that they are not even reading my correspondence. What’s even more ridiculous is that I care about this. All the crap going on right now and I’m caring about a game? Ugh. I played this game to escape stress. Like everyone does with their guilty pleasures. But when the game then BECOMES stressful? It may be time to back out. The sad thing is that now it seems I can’t get ahead with the designs because it’s obvious that you have to spend money to be able to buy the items. I’ve tried to work with what I have in my inventory and since I’ve been doing that, my scores have gone down, (Just as another reviewer stated.) even if my designs are almost identical to those getting 5 stars. It’s really too bad. Originality is lost as well as following the storylines given. All 5 star winners have basically the same exact layouts using only the most recently added decor (that can cost a lot to keep in your inventory) and if you dare keep in line with the story given as you’re supposed to, or use even one item off track of others? Your score will drop dramatically. As an experiment I recently did a string of designs that I didn’t like and had nothing to do with what was asked would look like what everyone else was doing. Sure enough, my scores jumped and stayed pretty high. When I had used up all the stuff, I was back to my old inventory and 3.whatever ratings even though they were stylish, original and true to what was being asked. No one is reading the rules and unless your design looks like everyone else’s, you won’t get ahead. And although incredibly repetitive with the design formula (not every room needs two of everything, would be great for more flexibility to decide what is needed) I love the realism of the rooms and items, but unless you spend money, you’re going to have to go a few days until you can design again so that you can boost the diamond watching videos etc.
  • Fun to play pricey to keep up.

    By 5thDoubleM
    I love creating beautiful spaces and decorating, but I get discouraged when diamonds cost so much. It’s a real problem when I complete “special offers” but am not rewarded the promised amount. TapJoy compensated me a few times but has ignored repeated attempts to fix this when the diamond amount is large. Developers, Please offer a sort by shape function for tables, as well as a search function by item name. I’d like also to see complete sets of couch/loveseat or cocktail table/end tables etc. Additionally, it would be educational and helpful to offer the option to read about or watch design tips on sizing, layout, height differences in items etc.
  • Taking away items already purchased!!

    By asia$9827
    The game itself is fun and time consuming when i need it to be. I do not like that they only give you 5 chances to use items your purchased. I always find myself having to repurchase items that were already mine and its very frustrating because it uses all my diamonds and cash! other then this i think the game is okay.