Design Home

Design Home

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-15
  • Current Version: 1.18.01
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 189.50 MB
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc launch
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 133 330


Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life. * Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges. * Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. * Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community. * Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook. Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too! PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. This game is not intended for children. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in this game. This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites. - A network connection is required to play. - For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: - If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:



  • It’s almost great

    By yeetasightus
    Although I love this game so much there are some issues to it . For example you need diamonds to buy some things you need and they are really hard to get, and a lot of the furniture has high prices so you can’t really complete the mission thing
  • Design home

    By piperratty8
    I love this app but getting diamonds is s joke I have played numerous things on tap joy and don’t get my diamonds . You really need to change this feature that’s why the three stars !
  • Diamonds payment options

    By jezabel27
    I’m always excited to play Design Home everyday but it irritates me that I can only pay certain things like wall, plants, center table decorations by diamonds and it’s so hard to earn them. At least make some options that can be paid with money.
  • Love it...

    By Royalsorwateva
    Love this game but hate how your items that you could JUST buy don’t last in your inventory that long. It’s annoying when you get such low ratings on rooms you spent the most money on. Also some furniture pieces are soooo expensive it’s hard to make $$ but overall this game keeps me occupied I play it everyday
  • My Creative outlet

    By ZexterBob
    I LOVE this design "game." It's not so much a game as a challenge and creative outlet. It's one of the very few times I'm willing to spend real money on a game.
  • I’d love to give it 5 stars....

    By Mocha Lady
    I know this sounds crazy, but who actually does the voting on these rooms? I’ll know good and well that my room looks better than at least 3 of the 5 star rooms... but I’ll get a low score. How?!?!? I think you all need to come up with a better system of voting. I know people that have stopped playing, because the voting seems either bias (their words, not mine) or just completely unfair.
  • Finns

    By Hatfield Angel
    I love looking at things different but I love mostly doing a living room are bedroom and see what it looks like as I do it .
  • Fun but...

    By Booklvr1986
    This game is fun. I like opening the app every day to see if I won any challenges, but, as many others have mentioned, getting diamonds takes way too long!! I’m not one to waste real money on “game money” and all the decorative items are purchased with diamonds. So many times, I have to save up for days to get a specific item. If you want the full game experience, plan on wasting a lot of real money!
  • Voting

    By Mollie Beatty
    I give the voting a one star because if you don’t use all one color and the same picture on every wall it doesn’t matter how much money you spend buying items. I’m ready to delete off my devices because I’m tired of the voting issues. No one seems to bother with what style the room is supposed to be. Why give a description of the room to begin with, majority of the time that is not what wins five stars. I have spent way too much money on this game because if you are competitive and like to win then blow your money like I’ve done. It’s really a shame that Crowdstar doesn’t care. Lower your prices or increase the daily quota you give out. Never will it happen because there is always someone new to take the place of the ones who quit. Be generous to your players see what happens. Signed disheartened by your greed. Guess I went off on a tangent. LOL
  • My designs are good!

    By Reedeb13
    Your going to force me to update the game in order to play! I’m sorry I will delete it before that happens! People don’t follow the rules of the game and are awarded 5 stars and the rooms look like something a 12 yr old did I’m sorry but this isn’t that rewarding it was at first but it no longer is. I’ve voted and watched the how the votes are placed some people have no taste I’ve seen rooms that I wouldn’t vote on get 5 stars. But a person should not have to update to play!
  • Could be so much better and rewards rarely appear as promised

    By Sadpants
    The game is pretty fun but it could be so much better. And the partnership/rewards with Tapjoy is a joke. It promises in-game rewards for downloading and using apps and rarely rewards them. The customer service doesn’t deal with anything associated with Tapjoy so they basically sign off on a scam. I just play less nbd
  • More diamonds for rewards

    By Biancasstraightfan65
    Love the game but i feel more diamonds should be given as rewards
  • Shop

    By skliska
    Love it. Would love to see the furniture etc categorized by price. When you have no money it would be easier to select the less costly pieces
  • Fun Game

    By except ny review
    This is an exciting game I play a lot but because you can not delete the homes you have completed to much space is being held up That is a problem for my device I have to delete the app and start over and loose my money keys and diamonds You all need to work that out
  • Th app is awesome, but it changes you triple!!

    By nfkekdnndjsjs
    I love this app, but every time I make a $5 purchase $13.86 is taken out of my account! I have over paid MANY times, and I didn’t notice until I checked my account! I want my refunds! So NOT ok.
  • Addicting but frustrating

    By tay jean
    Very addicting game and great selection of furniture. However it is very difficult to get money/diamonds if you do not pay for it. Also your ratings are determined by votes of other users. I don’t fully trust that is a fair evaluation of your design.
  • Scam

    By Chick12124
    This game was really fun until you run into their brilliant scheme to get you to buy diamonds because their reward system is set up for you to run out. You win $500 to do a $14,000 job.
  • Favorite game!

    By Tifflerz
    I love this game! The voting is fair, styling is challenging and fun, and the ability to earn diamonds and cash in the game is set up perfectly. I’ve seen reviews that speak badly of Tapjoy when completing offers to get diamonds. I will say that the survey ones are not the best to complete cause they’re a little on the scammy side, but that’s how ALL internet surveys are. Common sense will tell you to skip those. All of the others I have used gave me my diamonds within 5 minutes of completing the offers.
  • Getting fed up with this game

    By 1938chevycoupe
    Getting fed up with this game, can’t get good purple pieces to make the room look put together and after the rooms look awesome my score is horrible.
  • Ehhhh

    By katbadge
    It was fun for a couple of days but it gets pretty repetitive, and when the furniture items you own keep disappearing without notice it makes it pretty difficult to even attempt a challenge. Oh my 3 rugs are gone? The couches I “bought” aren’t there? Guess I’ll go play something else then! Shelf life of this game is about a week. On to the next I guess.
  • Crashes

    By DanieEW
    It was fun but then all the designs disappeared. I haven’t been able to play for days. I really love the game but this needs to be fixed.
  • Too Expensive!

    By StylistMama
    I really enjoyed this game, but after owning it a couple weeks, I finally deleted it. It’s just too darn expensive! You can barely design one room without spending anywhere from $5-$15! I just want to play a game for fun, but I can’t justify spending $30 a day on gameplay. That’s stupid. Big bummer.
  • Nice way to pass time

    By J6241
    I play this before I go to bed because it relaxes me and helps me fall asleep. However, would be much nicer if you guys added background music or something. It gets way too quiet and sometimes whatever music a game has is fine because something is better than nothing. Please update soon 😊
  • Review

    By girllikescolor
    This is a fun game to play when you may have to pass some time. The down side is the game is simplistic in the voting process and many play and vote on the phone. The voting is only done by players — also on their phone...... age 4 and up. Noticing that many designs that use color schemes with lower contrast, or that may not be known to players without art education, or more may be more eclectic will score lower than less creative monochromatic designs with high contrast. This makes the game less fun......sometimes I do play to get the best design quality that earns a lower score. It can be more entertaining this way. The game is fun and has great options to choose from. I do not play many games and I do like to play this to pass the time.
  • I was hoping for much better

    By Susancandy
    This game has promise but lacks the avidly to find items by price and in a persons price budget ! Yes you have the option to get diamonds but that feature doesn't always work and it's not that great even when it does ! This game forces you to spend your own money to get anywhere !!! And the furniture is nice but if you want to really decorate how you like it's nearly impossible ! I don't mind a challenge but this game has way to many restrictions !
  • Miss Jodi

    By jod1223
    Voting seems a bit off. I get the feeling most people don’t even look at the two rooms they’re voting on... they just go through the motions to get the keys.
  • I’ve been playing for a year and open app every single day to play!

    By camaro1le2ssbabe
    I’m so seriously addicted. It’s like a hobby. Hahah I play at work at home, in bed. Anywhere. I really enjoy this game and highly recommend it to everyone. I do get annoyed with how hard it is to get diamonds. That’s the only complaint I have. Literally besides that it is so much fun.
  • Rip off

    By Working2much
    They force you to spend too much money to play the game correctly. Don’t do it. It’s a rip off.
  • I'm Speechless 😶

    By Hi there 🐶
    This app is AMAZING. This app is very high quality and it has many exciting challenges. I am never bored when I'm on this app. Also buying diamonds is very cheap. Keep it up! 👍
  • Love it but very glitchy!

    By Franzay55
    I’ll be in the middle of a design, the app will close and no new challenges or anything for that matter will appear on the second tab! Also the surveys work, but it can be very lengthy for a very small reward.
  • This game makes my top five

    By bbbbbb bbbbbbbbbb
    This game is awesome
  • Too many App issues

    By BLove738921
    I love this game and have played for quite some time. However, I’ve been having issues with being able to purchase anything and repeated attempts to contact their support have resulted in no responses. Without being able to purchase diamonds this game is nearly impossible to play. To that end, I agree with others that this is a huge issue as most things require diamonds and the cost of the items is really high. The other issue I see raised and also agree with is the design scoring. No one follows the design challenge and yet horrible designs get 5 stars while great designs that follow the rules get terrible scores. They need to fix these issues or people will start deleting the app, which I’m about to do myself :(. Listen to your customers!
  • Design Home retaliates!!

    By welowobbly
    So going in to “earn” rewards you have to download apps and or make purchases and after giving them everything but your blood and thumb print...they don’t give you rewards,so you have to go back in and find missing diamonds and then go in and choose which offer you did that didn’t reward you and then after that you have to respond to their email or they don’t give you anything and since they hardly ever give you the rewards at the time you do it you have to follow through with emails and then they have the balls to say “you have turned in so many missing diamonds reports it’s concerning “ HA!! So after that they start grading your rooms and they start giving you scores under 4.0 so you want get the prize your playing for and if you do ANYTHING in black an white you’ll score better!! So: they don’t give you rewards for doing offers unless you complete the “missing diamonds “ and lucky if you do after that!! So: don’t complain you’ll be rated poorly! So: do all your design in black an white. So:I’m a paying customer and I mean at least 30$a month and they DO NOT CARE!!!!! Also when you do missing diamonds they only have about 7-8 offers listed, so you can’t even put in a report on them if you wanted to. ALSO THEY STOPPED TAKING MY “missing diamonds “ REPORTS AND KEEP SAYING I ALREADY FILED and IGNORE YOU COMPLETELY!!!! They’ve NEVER commented on my review....and after all the complaints, THEY STILL DO NOTHING 😔😖😡
  • Love this game

    By designhomejunky2018
    I have no problem getting my free diamonds etc. this game has improved so much since I started a year ago. Be sure to buy limited items found in inventory. Didn’t realize in beginning that but in game meant you could buy the items right then. It should say buy now instead of in game. Good for keeping a senior mind working. Thanks
  • Wonderful and fun!

    By Reggae211
    This game is so awesome! You get to decorate your own houses/apartments! There are also not that many ads in this game!
  • Would be better if .....

    By Polerbear5
    1. You could search your own inventory by categories instead of just random the way it is now. 2. You could add a filter in the shopping area for price. In reality, that’s what normal people do. 3. You could add filters to decide which design challenges you wanted to do, especially filters that would give you quick details on what items to use. For example, I have this really fun chase in my inventory and I can never use it because I can’t find design challenges that require it. 4. If there was more freedom in choosing which items to put in the challenge. I hate that I have to spend so much money on items I don’t really like simply to meet the requirements. So there’s your starting point to making this much better experience. It does get boring after a bit because of all the restrictions within each design
  • Designs

    By pearlkisses
    What I have noticed is that people have no idea of what rustic is. Every time I submit a design that is rustic I get a low score. And when I vote on people’s designs they seem to use random furniture. It seems to me that they don’t read the requirements .
  • I love design

    By chetlet
    It’s relaxing when I’m designing rooms, I love it
  • I love this game!!!

    By interiorleader
    This game isn’t just like any other design game for house I could find one where h didn’t have to do mine games until I found this game.It is just so nice. I’m addicted to playing this game everyday.In my school we have a class called pep and we do fun activities and we did interior design and I told my teacher about so now the whole school can play it on our iPads and my teacher even said she is addicted to the game to.Everyone who looks at this should get. I just like it so much. You should get it!!😃
  • Suggestions??

    By emu.the.ordinary
    Fun app, really brings out my creativity. At least I wish I could say that. My designs are so limited because there is little to no way of getting diamonds, which are pretty necessary!! I also wish I could sell furniture I don’t want that I won!! I do the daily challenges to get the $2,500, not the weird checkered couch! Would you be able to add that as a feature? To be able to sell your unwanted furniture? I would also really like it if you could make wall art easier to get. As I mentioned, it’s hard to get diamonds! And a room looks dumb without it!
  • Ripped Off

    UPDATE AGAIN. CALLING CREDIT CARD COMPANY !! I have since this company a total of 10 emails over $9.99 they charged to my credit card for diamonds I purchased but never received. I have sent screenshots of my iTunes receipt screenshots of in app purchase proof and received no reply whatsoever Wish I could give a rating of zero stars UPDATE It has now been now been TWELVE days. Receipts from ITUNES and my credit card company have been sent. Still no reply and no diamonds or compensation for the money they took and gave nothing in return. I purchased diamonds 5 days ago and my credit card was charged and transaction is totally complete, yet Instill have not received my diamonds. I have written to support and included copies of my ITunes receipt and credit card receipt. No reply whatsoever as of today.
  • App Doesn’t Respond To Messages

    By jclockhart
    I attempted to make in-app purchases, and was given a message that there was an error and that I should try again later. So imagine my surprise when my bank account was still charged for these attempted purchases. After over a week of trying to contact support to receive the items I had purchased, I’ve received two automated “We’re unavailable” type messages, and one suggesting I should try closing and reopening the app. As if I wouldn’t think to try that over the course of a week. Tl;dr app will take your money and then ignore you when you tell them the game glitched and didn’t give you what you purchased.
  • Double Charging

    By Jo..75
    Fun game, just beware and keep track of any in app purchases. I have been double charged twice now for an in app purchase made. Which is really about the only way you can play is to spend money in the game.
  • One of the BEST free-to-play games I have.

    By Wolfie The Lycanroc
    When I first downloaded this game, I was very doubtful that I would be attached to it. Because most free IOS games would require you to pay a lot of money to go forward and have a Facebook account. This game is certainly not one of them. No ‘limited lives’ are involved. And it’s not your everyday Candy Crush puzzle game. In fact, whether you have some account or not, with a good internet connection, you get 500 diamonds for free everyday! Also, the visual designs for the various home items are beautiful, even putting other home designing games to shame! Although the progress for free users is slow, that itself is the only blunder I know about this game. It lets your creative home mind run wild!
  • Annoying Purchase Issue

    By SmileSaraaa
    I love this game, but dang... for over 10 days I’ve been submitting a question in the help section of the app, and nobody has helped. I’m not usually one to complain about a game, but I have spent so much money and then don’t get the purchase. This has only been going on for 2 weeks or so for me, but when I get the notification “you’ve already purchased this” and how it should be in my closet thing or in my diamonds, and it’s not.... PLEASE FIX THIS! DONT MAKE THIS GET RUINED LIKE COVENT DID! 😭☹️
  • Design home

    By brendajsm
    I really enjoy this app, but my biggest pet peeve is I can’t choose what furniture I want where, seems like that’s a big part of an individuals design style, also not sure how scores are accumulated, would be great to have a breakdown so can improve !
  • No Support

    By SavannahBDW
    I really enjoy this app, but if I could give it a negative star for the support you received I would. On November 21, 2018 I made an in app purchase for 3 different items, 2 of them were for the Fall and Autum bundles, and the 3rd was for the Diamonds for $9.99 + tax to help with my designs. At the same time Crowdstar acknowledged it was having problems with it's app purchases, but had fixed the problem, and I received my 2 bundle purchases right away, but not my Diamonds purchase, so I contacted them through the help site. I was told to do certain things to see if it corrected the problem, and I did without any results. After this process failed I was asked to provide proof of my Diamond purchase which I sent a screenshot of my purchase of the Diamonds. I was then told it would need to be turned over to a team that would need to research the problem and get back to me. As of today, Friday, November 30, 2018 nothing has been done to provide me with the Diamonds I purchased. I have gone back into the help site multiple times asking for my Diamonds without any reply. This is not the first time I have paid for something and not gotten what I paid for on this app. BEWARE OF THE IN APP PURCHASES, AND THE HORRIBLE SUPPORT!!!
  • Frustrating...and addictive.

    By bizzyslady
    The game is fun and realistic. I play almost everyday until my anxiety starts to on. It seems as if the price of the furniture goes up when the money in my “bank” goes up. If I have $3,000 in my bank, a normal chair will run $800-$1000. But when I have $10,000 that same chair is $2,500, if not more. Not cool. I’ve also noticed that the more money you have, the more items you HAVE to incorporate into the design. For the past few days I’ve just been completing the $2500 challenge and not buying anything. All of a sudden, my challenges require three couches and six Arhaus (super expensive) items. I’m on to you Design Home 😑😑
  • Disappointed

    By Gibby T
    This is an amazing design app and I have played it daily for several months. So you can imagine how disappointed I was when the new design portion of the app would not load. There is a way to send a message for this kind of problem to the troubleshooters who run the app. I got one message right away that said to message them back during business hours so I was hopeful. All the other parts of the app are working fine, but if you can’t design rooms that doesn’t help. It has been almost a week with messages from me that have received no answers. If anyone else has had this problem let me know how you solved it. And yes, I have attempted to close the app thinking I could reboot like other apps that reside in the cloud, but up came a warning that I would lose all my designs if I cancelled the app. I have over a hundred designs and have put some money into this app so I don’t want to lose everything. Would love to hear from the help support so the problem can be resolved.