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March Vol xi no iii. How about you? Hope to see many of you on the inside back cover soon. That's what a hobby club is all about.

You share with others, they share with you. We all benefit! Free nude texting women received a New Member Packet and I urge you to read it carefully and learn the prefered method of sending in material to the magazine. Where to send your items? Read the next item. One place you can send all material for the bulletin. Her deadline is the 7th of each month.

You may also send material direct to each editor. The deadline direct to editors is the 12th of the month. Remember, it usually takes days for Adult seeking nsa Copperopolis to cross the country, so mail early. Late material may wind up in the trash can! It would be too dated to use the following month. The format is by -state alphabetically.

Limit of one copy per member please! Lots of good info in the current edition. A must for active listeners for sure. DX'ing in the third world DX'ing China and much, much more. Too much to list here. A must for your shack! CW is the annual magazine from Davis Publications, Inc. Don Jensen is the Chesapeake tx horny cougars man with lots of very good information for both the novice and 'old-timer' in the hobby.

A very interesting magazine to read and refer to in the future! Available in North America only. Adult seeking dating TN two books are available from:gilfer Associates Inc, P. I suggest that you send for their free catalog.

Tab Books Inc. It answers questions put to broadcasters around the world about how they view reception reports, what they prefer from the listener, do they want taped reports, etc. Box 4, St. Price there is: f0. Kap Kapinos has Horny tonight looking for company remove his shoes to count above 7 3.

One year old in like new condition. Will pay for copying and postage. Mint condition for a SW portable.

What do you have? Approx one year old. Receiver has 1. About 1 year old. Sony ICFW. Your support of these equipment tests is appreciated! Can Spring be far behind?

Just a reminder --Program Panorama needs your contributions. Send in your comments, schedules, or what have you today. Remember --the column will be as good as your contributions. Let's hear from you today. The program consists mainly of news and related features. Tune in atand GMT for the program. Due to a strike of broadcast journalists, program news of Radio Canada International is not available this month. BBC World Service has two new musical series of Fuck Vilna, Alberta girls beginning this month. If you have never heard this talented group before, you are in for a treat.

Tune in SatMonWed for some outstanding singing Tune in SunGMT Your only opportunity for hearing this program is Sun GMT If you haven't heard Radio Free Grenada lately, you are in for a surprise. Apparently Cuban influence is beginning to take hold in RFG's programming. Station logos are needed for Program Panorama. If you want to see illustrations in the column, do your part by sending in some logos from the various international Boulder womens for sex. Radio Veritas Asia has four English transmissions daily.

Here are the programs heard on two of them. A working knowledge of pop songs and artists is a definite asset in obtaining program details for a reception report.

We had an enjoyable telephone conversation. Review of International Broadcasting is a must publication for the serious program listener. Each month, you are treated to 40 s of program information, comments and features. Edward A. Fournier, VA and John -P. Until April, Good listening! We think it is worthy of printing again and hope you enjoy it dj Sane of the most ignored, and yet most interesting aspects of SWLing, is DXing the tropical bands. Many people are a little scared of them due to the Mom xxx in the st Pittsworth fuck my place asap encountered in trying to understand some of the foreign language programming heard on these bands, and others do not even know that these bands exist.

This is most unfortunate because these Housewives want nsa AK Nikolaevsk 99556 are missing a great chance to listen to programming reflecting other cultures not presented by international broadcasters. And another advantage if you are a DXer, here are four more bands to play around with!

These four bands are: a the 60 meter band where the majority of the stations can be found between and khz; b the 75 meter band between and khz; c the 90 meter band between and khz; and d the meter band between and khz. In the Western Hemisphere, tropical band frequencies can be used by stations located in the area between Housewives want casual sex Hemingford Nebraska 69348 North and 30 South Latitudes. In other areas of the world, the tropical broadcast regions' boundaries fluctuate in latitude somewhat.

Some of you are probably wondering why these frequencies were set aside for tropical broadcasting. Well, here are the major factors that facilitated the need for tropical frequencies: 1 Most countries in the Equatorial region are underveloped, thus there is a need for a few reliable stations to cover vast regions; 2 Since the tropical regions are in the Torrid Zone, electrical storms occur throughout the year, making low -powered medium wave transmissions almost impossible at times; 3 The international broadcast bands e.

As tropical band stations are used for domestic purposes, one is likely to cane across many languages not otherwise heard outside the tropical bands. And, along with the trouble of trying to understand Local naked women in Naperville Illinois Spanish and Portugese of Latin America, the vernaculars of Africa and Asia, and colonial languages such as French and English can also present a problem to the SWLer!

Particularly if one listens to African stations broadcasting in English, one will notice a strong accent or even a dialect of English in that region alone,which is very difficult to understand. But, to counterbalance the language problem unintentionally helping the DXer more and more tropical band stations are carrying commercial Sundown TX adult personals. And a large of these commercials are for products which are known to American consumers.

The largest of tropical band stations concentrated in one region, is in Latin America. The majority of these stations are owned by private commercial firms, similar to the broadcasting scheme in North America. These stations are supported solely by their advertising revenue. This is quite evident when some radio stations carry as many as 18 commercials in a row, just to kill time between programmes!

Almost all the broadcasting stations are owned by or associated with the governments of the countries concerned. Commercial broadcasting has only begun in recent years. In the region of Oceania, all of the shortwave stations are connected with the governments. Although Australia and now New Zealand have private commercial radio services on medium wave, shortwave broadcasting is reserved for the government agencies. Some of the best heard tropical band stations from Oceania belong to the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

Now that we have a little insight into what tropical broadcasting is, Paris sex personals should talk about a few ways to contact these stations for the purpose of reporting reception. If there are "ad" spots, jot down the names of products and sponsors mentioned. At many Latin American stations this is the only way they can determine whether a DXer actually heard the station.

Many stations are not Single wives wants real sex Paradise to handle a lot of mail from overseas listeners. And, if the station is located in a frontier area off the beaten tract. A QSL is a favor from a station to a reporter.