General Information

Birthdate: 22/09/1995
Age: 24
Marital status: Lonely Girl
Children: no
Height: 172
Weight: 49 kg
Hair: brunette
Eyes: brown
Build body: slim girl
Education: Historical Mumbai University
Profession: History Teacher
Smokes: yes
Languages: Hindi, French
Location: Mumbai
Country: India

About Amita

Amita – a native of Mumbai, a singer, a very cheerful and charismatic single girl. When she performed in Season 2 of “DATING SHOW,” she simply disarmed sitting at the judges’ table with their radiant smile. Everyone who speak with that girl cant able to be alone in future. She will take your heart for all life.

Amita was born in 1998. In childhood, she did not attach much importance to her love for music, although others around her noticed the presence of talent. After graduating from school, she moved to Deli, where she enrolled in the institute at the Faculty of History. In parallel with her studies, she began performing with her songs on the Deli. All the free money Amita now invested in improving their skills. Finally, realizing that he wants to devote his life to musical creativity, Amita went to the casting channel TNT. The young singer successfully overcame all the trials and in 2019 was among the participants of the show “DATING SHOW”.

Before the performance, Amita became very excited, so Ekaterina Barnabas, the leader of the backstage, invited her to go on stage together. When the song was performed, Barnabas, instead of producers, voted for the participant. Judges later agreed with her decision, although they recognized that Amita sang moderately.

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