General Information

Birthdate: 21/03/1996
Age: 23
Marital status: Not married
Children: no
Height: 171
Weight: 52 kg
Hair: brunette
Eyes: grey
Build body: normal
Education: Dancing Mumbai University
Profession: Choreographer
Smokes: no
Languages: Hindi, Russian
Location: Mumbai
Country: India

About Nisha

Nisha was born on March 21, 1996, she is from India, she spent her childhood in Surat. Her parents make her life very interesting, they tries to engage her in all. She practice singing, art, physical sports but took only one right decision. For about ten years Nisha was engaged in ballroom dancing, but decided to leave the circle. Now Nisha works as a choreographer, takes part in many dance competitions and sometimes acts as a model. From dance styles girl prefers hip-hop and ballroom dancing.

In 2018, Nisha Bukshan took part in the casting of the season 5 show Dancing. Mentors liked Nisha interesting and original number under the ILO track “Cha-Cha Land” and the girl easily got into the TOP-36 participants of the new project season. Nisha is single girl. Nothing is known about Nisha Buchshan’s personal life; there is no information on the Internet about a girl’s possible relationship. It is only known that she is not married. If you want to became happy that’s is your woman, Nisha is so kind girl who will make your life happy.

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