6 things you should not change in yourself for the sake of a partner

Relationships should bring you joy. If it is not there, then something went wrong. There may be many reasons for this, but often the reason is that you are trying not to be yourself.

We have collected 6 things for you, trying to change which, you risk to destroy your relationship.

  1. Your connections with family and friends

Relationships with family and friends were built much longer relationships with a partner. In the end, friends and relatives are also close friends and it is wrong to sacrifice them for a partner.

If your half makes stinging jokes about your parents or forcing you to give up friendship with someone, then you shouldn’t go on about. Sit down and talk, explain that you do not intend to sacrifice relationships with other close people.

  1. Your shortcomings

Each of us has its drawbacks. There are no ideal people, so sooner or later your partner will face your weaknesses, just like you and his.

f the partner refuses to recognize your minor shortcomings, then this can lead to tragic consequences. You need to take such trifles for granted and come to terms with them.

  1. Values

The main essence of the relationship is that you accept each other as you are. If your ideas about life, family and other important meetings do not converge, then you need to either discuss them and come to an agreement, or not build a relationship.

Trying to break down your beliefs to please a partner is the wrong approach. You will not be able to live for a long time against your convictions, and as a result, in addition to parting, you also get the unpleasant feeling that you have betrayed yourself.

  1. Life goals

You probably have global goals that you want to achieve in life. They are in each person, while they are all different. Someone wants to build a career, someone wants to have children and so on.

At the very beginning of the relationship it is worth clarifying that your life goals coincide with your partner. If you want fundamentally different, then most likely the relationship will bring you only discomfort and disappointment. You and your other half should support each other and not move in different directions.

  1. Qualities that make you special

It is again about making a person as he is. Each of us has our strengths, advantages, qualities, for which we are valued and loved. Someone is light on the rise and can break into a journey at any moment, someone on the contrary carefully plans his every step.

If your partner starts trying to “fix” something in you, this is an alarming sign. Relationships should be built on each other’s support and support, and not on fitting a person to one another.

  1. Your passion

Often we hear and face a situation when the wife does not allow her husband to watch football or the husband does not let his wife go shopping with her friends. In fact, this is a very bad trend in the relationship.

Our hobbies not only make us happy, but also make us more attractive. People who spend time on what they like are charged with energy that appeals to the other half.

Do not deify the partner and give up their interests in order to spend time with him. This person may be the most important thing in your life, but he should not be the only one.

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