How to keep relationships at a distance?

Distance relationships are very complex. Particularly difficult to endure separation when you live together for a long time and are used to each other. Let’s see why this is so hard and how to endure it without destroying relationships.

What is the complexity of such a relationship

There can be a lot of problems, here are the main ones that arise most often.

Lack of attention

When you are close, you can hug each other, kiss at any moment. You have the opportunity to support your loved one in a difficult situation and share with him joyful moments.

Separation deprives you of all these opportunities. This can cause jealousy, which will lead to quarrels and offenses.

Sexual dissatisfaction

Each has a different libido. Someone needs sex every day, someone needs once a month. In any case, the couple has already established the pace of sexual relations.

When you and your soulmate are far away from each other, the sexual attraction does not disappear anywhere, but there is no more possibility to satisfy this desire. Obviously, this can cause conflicts and quarrels.

Ambient pressure

When everyone is spending time with their lovers around and discussing a relationship, and you are deprived of such an opportunity, it is very easy to get depressed.

How to keep relationships at a distance

Although half of the relationship at a distance ends in parting, there are several ways to keep them.

Take care of each other

Once again, do not irritate your partner and do not give him a reason for jealousy or resentment. If you have a conflict, you can not immediately hug your loved one and ask for forgiveness, so be careful when communicating.

Maintain intimacy

If you do not have live communication, this does not mean that you do not need to share news and experiences. A person should feel an important part of your life, so do not skimp on stories about how the day went, what was interesting, etc.

The main thing is not to overdo it. You do not need to report on every minute, you need to maintain the feeling of closeness as much as possible.

Respect partner’s feelings

Most likely one of you will experience separation more difficult than the other. If your spouse is suffering more than you, do not discount her feelings. Needless to say, too little time has passed to start missing you.

Accept and understand the feelings of a partner. Try to make it as easy as possible for him.

Communicate in different ways

Text messages and emoticons can hardly convey your feelings. Combine chatting with calls and video calls. For example, you should not try to resolve the conflict in the chat, it should be done with the closest contact possible.

Spend holidays together

During periods when everyone gathers around families, discuss plans for the weekend and share their joy with loved ones, your longing for a loved one can become incredibly strong. Try to find an opportunity to meet your soul mate on such days.

Trust each other

Trust is important for any relationship. No need to give free rein to destructive emotions. If you have a distrust of a partner, consider whether it has a real basis. If not, try to drop these thoughts.

Discuss sex life

Everyone treats sex differently. For some, a small relationship on the side is acceptable, but someone is totally against it. In any case, agree in advance on how you will have a sex life during separation.

Adequately assess the situation

If you find out that your partner went with someone else to a cinema or restaurant, and you are hurt, you should talk to him about it. Perhaps it was only an attempt to compensate for the lack of attention, and maybe a new love for your partner.

You need to sensibly assess the prospects in this case. Perhaps there are still options to save this relationship, and maybe such that it is better to let the person go so as not to aggravate the situation.

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